GAC Charts

In chart 1 the various stages of the application process are identified. In chart 2 the
various stages of the registration process are identified Chart 3 completed
application checklist
Chart 4:
This chart illustrates how specific deadlines will be set for the application- admission
process for the Fall term of any year. The dates indicated within brackets are those
that would be set for application and admission for the academic year 2007-08.
The last Monday of April (or the first working day following the first Monday
of April in case it happens to be an AUB recognized holiday). (April 30, 07)
The 7th Monday subsequent to D1 (June 18, 07)
The 4th Monday from D2 (July 16, 07)
The 3rd Monday from D3 (Aug.6, 07)
Chart 1: Application Process
Chart 2: Registration Process
Chart 3: Fall and Spring Timelines and main deadlines
Chart 4: Deadline dates and Application Checklist