HW: 3e

Homework for Section 8.1
(From the textbook Algebra & Trigonometry, by Sullivan & Sullivan, Third Edition)
Bring these to class during the next lecture to be checked. If you have any questions
about how to do something, bring those, too.
Please also realize that you're expected to do any and all work that you find necessary in
order to master this material – if you need to do additional (or different) problems on
your own in order to fully learn this material, please do so!
Homework Problems
Drawing Angles: #2, #5, #8, #12
Degrees  Radians: #13, #14, #18, #20, #25, #26, #32, #34
Arc Length: #46, #48, #32
Degrees: DMS  Decimal:
This isn't covered in the 3rd edition of the textbook. You'll need to find a
copy of the fourth edition textbook in library, and do the following
problems out of the FOURTH EDITION:
#24, #28, #30, #34
You must do all the assigned problems, clearly and legibly. As a general rule of thumb,
you should use college-ruled paper, and write out your answers in print (rather than
cursive). If you tear the paper out of a spiral notebook, make sure that you remove the
'spaghetti edge'. Etc, etc. If you hand in work that, in the instructor's opinion, is
unprofessional, then the instructor reserves the right to dock you points.