BIT 286 : Web Applications Lecture 04

BIT 286:
Web Applications
Lecture 04: Thursday, January 15, 2015
First Steps With The Database
 If you copy and paste the above you’ll get a 404 because of the newline after tutorials/ delete the space (or the %20, once you’re looking at the 404) and try again.
 We’ll mostly be going through this web page, instead of these slides
 Topics:
 How to configure your web app to use a database
 Using SQL Server Object Explorer (SSOX) to explore the SQL Server Express LocalDB
 Seeding the database
 When using the SQL Server Object Explorer, may need to run the web app
in order to see the table
 An error occurred attempting to determine the process id of the DNX
process hosting your application:
 delete project.json.lock file (under the project.json file)
 May also need to restart Visual Studio