Review for Exam1

Review for Exam 1. Math 130 Spring 2006
Sec: 2.2-2.3, 2.5-2.9
1. Know the notation for limits
2. Limits from the left and limits from the right.
3. When does a limit exist?
4. When is a function continuous?
5. Know about limits at infinity. (horizontal asymptotes)
6. Know about functions that have infinite limits. (vertical asymptotes)
7. What are the different techniques for finding the limit?
Rates of Change, Slopes, and the Derivative.
1. What is a rate of change of a function, how does it relate to the slope?
2. What is the equation of the slope between two points on a function, what is the
difference quotient?
3. How do you find the derivative at a point from the difference quotient?
4. What does the derivative measure? Is the derivative of a function also a function?
5. Find the derivative of different functions using the difference quotient.