Final Study Guide

BIT115 – Final Exam Study Guide
A Gentle Reminder: You are responsible for everything that's been covered, anywhere,
at any time, in the class, regardless of whether it’s listed in this document or not!
However, with that, the Final Exam is not expected to stray from what’s listed here.
Format: Very Similar to Midterm (with a couple of different changes)
The Final Exam is worth 150 points (or 15% of your grade)
True/False Questions (6 x 5 = 30 points)
Multiple Choice Questions (8 x 5 = 40 points)
Find the Errors Questions (6 x 5 = 30 points)
Long Answer Questions (2 x 25 = 50 points)
(You will pick two out of four possible choices)
"Write me code that does yada-yada-yada"
Trace code
Find all the errors
For all code/code snippets: some robots, some non-robotic ‘stictly’ Java code
Topics May Likely Include:
Everything from before the midterm is naturally assumed, ALTHOUGH most questions will pertain to
the following:
Input/Output: Make sure you're comfortable with System.out.print and System.out.println – these will
be used in the T/F, Multiple Choice questions, and code so make sure you can examine a program, and
determine what output it produces.
Input: Using the Scanner class to get input from the keyboard
 Local
 Parameters
 Instance Variables
Loop patterns: counting, going through an array, etc (while, if-else, for, do-while, etc).
 How to create an array (of int or double)
 How to go through an array ("Process all elements of an array" pattern)
o Example: Print every element of an array
o Example: Average of an array
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Data Types:
 int
 double
 boolean
Non-Robotic Code
 Helper classes (methods to ask for input, print, etc.)
 Method overloading (might appear in a multiple choice or true/false question)
 "What does this print?" type of questions
 Loops
 If statements
 Possibly Tracing
 If…Else
 For loops
Creating New Classes:
 Methods
 Parameters
 Overriding Methods (your own version of move, etc.)
 Constructors
 Return Values (maybe)
Software Development Tricks:
 Putting code into separate files
The Fine Print | Disclaimer
 This is a suggested list of topics that you might focus on when preparing for the Final
 The presence of an item on this list does not guarantee that it will be on the Final Exam.
 Likewise, the absence of a topic from the list does not guarantee that the topic will be
absent from the exam.
 The exam will cover everything that has been covered in this class (in lecture, in the
reading, and in the in-class exercises), although it will typically focus on material that has
been covered since the Mid-Term.
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