Lecture 13 Notes

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Lecture 13
BIT115 – Lectures Notes – Logical Operators
Returning things other than True/False; Side Effects
Integer tests: we can also get numbers back from these queries:
int getAvenue();
int getStreet();
int getDirection(); // one of Directions.NORTH,
Directions.SOUTH, etc
int getSpeed();
Note that these are all public methods
However, they aren't going to be all that useful unless we can compare them to other things
And do some simple math on them.
Logical Operators
A && B are true only if both A, B are true
A || B are true if A is true, B is true, or they're both
!A is the opposite of A. If A is true, !A is false. If
A is false, !A is true.
Point out why we need these.
Example: a number (X) is in the range (5, 10)
You might try to write
5 < x < 10
However, this will be evaluated L to R, which won't work. You need
5 < X && X < 10