Chapter One Notes 2010-Student Guide

Chapter One-The World of Earth Science
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Main Ideas
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Section 1:
1. There are four main areas in Earth Science.
a. Geologyb. Oceanography-study of Earth’s oceans.
c. Meteorologyd. Astronomy-study of objects beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
Section 2:
1. Scientific methods are used to solve problems or answer questions.
2. Scientific methods include…
a. identifying a problem or question
c. developing a hypothesis-an educated guess; a possible explanation or answer
to the question.
e. performing the experiment
g. forming conclusions
3. Science experiments should be repeated to see whether results are consistent.
b. Constants are variables that do not change in an experiment.
d. A control is a standard to which things can be compared.
Section 3:
1. Scientific information is communicated through lab reports, professional papers, tables and
graphs, and models.
a. A scientific theory is valid only if it is consistent with observations, makes
predictions that can be tested, and is the simplest explanation of observations.
3. A scientific law is a basic fact that describes the behavior of a natural phenomenon.
a. A scientific law can be thought of as a “rule of nature,” even though the cause of
the law may not be known.
Section 4: See Metric Measurement Notes!!