19.3 Guided Reading

Society and Industry Guided Reading
Industry Changes Society (732-734)
*The industrial Revolution took place in __________________, ___________________,
and ________________ during the ___________.
*One important change was the rapid growth of _____________. _________________
is the movement of people from rural areas to cities. ______________ was the first
country to become ________________.
*Cities grew quickly because _______________________________________________
*Before industry, status in society was set by _______________.
*Wealthy ______________________________ lived like nobles. The middle class was
made up of __________________, _______________, ______________, and
______________. The working class was made up of ___________________ and
*________________ and ________________ had to work to make enough money to
live. They worked _______ hours a day, ______ days a week. __________________
were common because factories and mines were __________, ___________, and
____________. Many children lost ____________ or _____________. ___________ or
_____________ occurred often.
*Living conditions were poor, but workers still wanted to work at _______________
because they could not find work on ___________. Despite _____________ and
_________________ people still had more _____________ than when they lived in the
country. Cities offered benefits and opportunities such as ____________, education,
___________, libraries, ________________ and sports.
*Working conditions did get better when ___________ were reduced for ____________
and _____________. New laws were passed to make _______________ safer, reduced
__________________, and made __________ and __________ cleaner and safer.
*The roles of ____________ changed during this time. It was thought that women
should stay __________ and take care of the _____________ and the ___________.
Women had fewer ____________ than men. Women’s roles changed when they went to
___________. They found jobs in _____________ and _______________. They also
had the opportunity to get an _____________________. During the 1800s, women
demanded equal _____________, especially the _____________________.
Science and Medicine (738-741)
*One of the first important medical advances was the discovery of _________________
to ward off ____________. __________________________ discovered if someone had
________________ they did not get the deadly _________________. Injecting a small
amount of the disease made people ________________.
*French chemist _______________________ discovered _____________, or
_____________. He proved _______________ caused ________________. Killing
________________ would prevent ______________.
*The discovery of _____________________ was a great step forward in the operating
room. It was also a new concept to _______________ medical equipment so patients
wouldn’t get an __________________.
*____________________ made a scientific breakthrough when he could predict which
______________ would be passed down to the next ______________. He is known as
the father of _____________.
*A breakthrough in Physics occurred when the scientists learned everything was made
up of ____________. Polish scientist _____________________________ and her
husband ___________________ discovered the element of ________________ in
*German scientist ______________________ had a different way of thinking about the
_________________. He overturned ideas about _________, ___________,
___________ and ____________. He came up with his Theory of _______________
and famous equation _________________ to explain the relationship between time and
space. His findings were used to eventually create the ___________________ and
*________________________ did research on living things and concluded that
_____________ and _____________ change slowly over ____________. The ones that
survive do so because they are better _______________________________________.
They win the battle for ___________________ and produce _________________. He
also believed humans developed from ________________. This applies to society
through the idea of ________________________________. This states that within the
economy ____________ businesses fail, while ________________ businesses prosper.