Population Poster Directions

Country Population Statistics Poster
Demographers can use a variety of statistics to provide information on
any given country. You will be utilizing statistics that have been
gathered by demographers to present information about a selected
country. You will then compare that selected information from that
country with the United States. This information will be presented on a
poster that you will create and design. We will use the following website to find our statistics:
Choose one country from the list of the 25 highest populated countries in the world. This list will be
presented in class. Each country can only be chosen by one student in your class period. You may not
choose the United States because we will be using the data for the United States to compare it to
another country.
Your poster will need to include the following items:
 Your first and last name and class period.
 Template information sheet for each country – this sheet includes the information you will
need to research for your country. You will also need to draw and color your country’s flag and
outline on the template sheet.
 Title – Your country’s name will be the title of your poster. The title must be outlined or
colored neatly. Use your creativity to add originality to your poster.
 Three separate bar graphs comparing your country’s statistics with that of the United States.
You may choose any of the statistics under the “Demographic Highlights” heading on your
template information sheet. The bar graph must have a title – (i.e. “Life Expectancy”).
Everything on your bar graphs must be outlined and/or colored, including the title. Your three
separate bar graphs must be cut out, arranged, and pasted onto your poster. Please feel free to
make your bar graphs as creative as possible!
Your poster will be scored based upon the following:
 Presentation of Information
(Including all Requirements, Accuracy of Information, Spelling)
 Neatness
(Coloring, Outlining, Title, Handwriting, Flag, Country Outline, Bar Graphs)
 Bar Graphs
(Comparing country with U.S., Accuracy, Fully Outlined)
 Effective Use of Class Time
(Remaining on task, working hard, not distracting others)
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