February 12, 2004 Cluster Cluster Group Meeting

HR Cluster Group
February 12, 2004
Attending: Erica Breedlove, Bobetta Burns, Jim Burgess, Andrew Christi, Jeanne
Coleman, Vicki West, Neil Vickers, Gerry Tucker, Rhonda Fenner.
The Cluster Group reviewed the minutes of the last meeting and identified the major
projects that should be included in the Master Plan as new initiatives. The Group then
discussed the identified new initiatives.
New Initiative Assignments/Reports
1. eHire (Erica Breedlove/Andrew Christi) – The Group agreed that this should be
shown as a new intiative even though IT has begun working on the first phase. In
order to implement this project it is mandatory that IT be able to have this as a
priority; specifically an employee skilled in Web development. HR will request a
new Programmer position dedicated to HR (salary $50,000).
2. Scanning and Automating Personnel Records (Kay Barclay and HR Supervisors)
– The first phase of this project is schedule to be the scanning of I-9s. It has been
recommended that HR Records also scan Faculty Credentials to more easily
comply with SACS requirements. The second phase would be for on-site
scanning of Payroll (timesheets). HR will request that the currently frozen
position in Records be unfrozen. This position would be trained as a Scanner.
3. Web Access for Employee Information (Jim, Roy, Jeanne) – Program
development is already in process. First phase implemented will be Pay Stubs,
followed by W-2s and Employee Leave Information. This project will require IT
4. New Compensation/Classification System (Vicki) – N/A at this time. It was
decided to postpone putting this project into the Master Plan.
5. Leadership Development (Succession Planning); Promotional Planning/Career
Paths (Vicki) – N/A at this time
6. Recruitment Person (Erica) – Submit request for a Recruiter position in the
regular budget process; salary to be determined.
7. Hiring of International Faculty – N/A at this time
New Initiative Consideration
Costs for Indemnity/Supplemental Health Plan for all employees.
Budget increase for Payroll/Bank emergency processing fees. (Jeanne will
explore cost).
Gerry Tucker will begin work on putting the new initiatives in the Master Plan and the
committee members will be asked to review them.
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