– HW#3: Project abstract with references. ECE590 Task Grading of this particular homework:

ECE590 – HW#3: Project abstract with references.
Due February 14th, 2008.
Task: write a 250-350 word abstract describing your project. Include at least two
references. The references do not count toward the word limit.
Grading of this particular homework:
Your classmates will read your abstract, and grade you. So please be clear.
Anyone in the class must be able to understand and report on what you are
Author, date.
If you have no idea how to write an abstract, try following this format:
Introduction: describe the problem or the subject in your words.
Methods/results: if you have them. Otherwise describe what other people
have done (refer to bibliography). Compare at least two groups (or two
Conclusion: concisely say again everything you wrote above, but in one or
two sentences. You may also propose a hypothesis to explain the problem
described in your project.
Write names of authors, title of the paper or book, journal, date, vol, and
page information.