Approaches to the SUNY Information Management General Education Competency

Approaches to the SUNY Information Management
General Education Competency
Karen Volkman SUNY-Plattsburgh
Daniel Kinney SUNY-Stony Brook
University Faculty Senate Operations Committee
What is your library doing to meet the SUNY Information Management General
Education competency requirement? Please join us for a strategy and brainstorming
Links to national and SUNY information management standards and curricula are
available at the Plattsburgh Library Curriculum Committee web page:
The new SUNY system-wide General Education Program lists a strong statement
regarding the incorporation of Information Management competency into the
curriculum. The Information Management competency is defined as student will:
1. Perform the basic operations of personal computer use;
2. Understand and use basic research techniques; and
3. Locate, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources
What can we do as librarians and information specialists to assist our respective
campuses in meeting this competency? What abilities or skills should a student
have acquired to meet these competencies? What kind of learning outcomes
should we list to evaluate whether a student has met these competencies?
Should we as librarians and information specialists consider it our responsibility
to teach students to meet one or more of these competencies? How can we
influence the outcomes of the general education program at the campus level?
The Operations Committee of the University Faculty Senate studies Library and
information technology issues and seeks your assistance in brainstorming to
guide SUNY libraries to determine their role in meeting the Information
Management requirement. Please join our discussion as we work to define and
start solving the myriad of issues surrounding the implementation of Information
Management. Please bring copies of your course syllabi, campus level general
education curriculum for Information Management, and descriptions of your
library's involvement in general education curriculum on your campus.