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STEP Action Plans
1. To be completed and submitted by each STEP team by July 14th, 2006. On that day
your team will be presenting your joint action plans to the rest of the group.
2. Part of the action plan will be completed by each individual on your team. The other
part will meld the plans into one final school action plan.
3. STEP Fellows should confer with their STEP Coordinators and other STEP teacher
partners about their action plans.
4. A short synopsis of your school plan will eventually be posted on the STEP website.
Individual Action Plan—To be completed first, by each team member.
o What are your primary individual goals for your STEP year?
 What skills do you want to gain?
 What experiences do you want to make sure you have?
o What particular talents, skills, and knowledge do you bring to the table?
o What school activities/experiences/classes/clubs do you think will make use of your
talents and will allow you to satisfy your individual goals?
o What problems do you anticipate experiencing in reaching your goals?
o How will you know if you have achieved your goals?
School Profile—To be completed by team. Everything you need you can find at
o Provide a demographic profile of your assigned school.
o How well are students performing in the subjects that you are interested in assisting
School Needs—To be completed by team in consultation with your STEP
coordinator, and other teachers from your school.
What needs have been officially identified on the school improvement plan?
o What are other school needs that the partner teachers think Georgia Tech students
might assist with?
Team Action Plan—To be completed as a team, in collaboration with your STEP
coordinator and other teachers.
o What are the primary goals for your team?
o What activities will you be engaged in?
 What will each of you be doing? Be specific. Things can (and will) change over
the course of the year, but you need to have some definite plans for the beginning
of the school year. Your assigned activities should support your individual goals,
and address a need of the school.
What is the planned school schedule for all members of the team? When will you
each be at the school? For which classes or clubs? How will your time be
distributed between teachers? Remember that it is nice to see other team
members at the school, and you are welcome to be in the same class at the same
time if you want.
o Propose some ways that you might measure the type of change you are hoping to see.
Do we need to obtain some baseline data first? How about IRB permission?