English 1 CP Syllabus

Contact Information
Teacher: Brandy Hanson
Email: brandyhanson@anderson5.net
Phone: (864) 260-5110 ext. 85505
Room: 505
1st block: English 2 Honors
2nd block: Planning
3 block: English 1 CP
4th block: English 1 CP
Grading Information
You will earn grades in the
following areas:
 Nine-weeks exam--10%
 Participation--10%
 Classwork/Homework—15%
 Quizzes-15%
 Tests-30%
 Writing assignments/
Daily participation is important to
your success in this class and your
*Graded assignments are worth
80% of the student’s overall
grade, and the English 1 EOC
accounts for 20%.
Attendance and
Missed Assignments
Mandatory Supplies
 3 Ring Binder
 5 Dividers
 Paper
 Pencils/Pens
Required Reading
 Short stories, poems, essays, etc. (in text)
 To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee*
 Selections from Mythology by Edith
 Selections from The Odyssey by Homer (in
 Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
(in text)
*These books must be purchased or borrowed
by the student. Copies are available in the
school store for a discounted price.
What We Do In Class
 At the beginning of each class, students will work
on a warm-up that pertains to the English
standards. These warm-up activities may include
grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, and
research exercises.
 Other class time will be devoted to:
Class discussions
Grammar lessons
Students should not use cellphones for any
reason during class. This includes texting,
taking pictures, playing games, and listening
to music. If students are using their
cellphones when they should not be, I will
collect the phone and turn it in to the front
2nd Semester Schedule
Be respectful.
Be prepared.
Take responsibility for your own actions.
Follow ALL school rules.
Consequences for Breaking Rules
1st offense: verbal warning
2nd offense: contact parents and/or lunch detention
3rd offense: referral to office
*Major offenses will result in a direct referral to the office.
No warning will be given.
*Attendance is an important part
of a student’s success at T.L.
 Students are expected to be in
class on time each day.
 If a student is tardy, that
student will only be admitted to
class if he/she has a pass.
 If a student is absent, that
student is responsible for
checking the While You Were
out folder on the day he/she
returns to school. Miss Hanson
will not “hunt down” students
who have been absent to give
them their assignments.
English I CP Course Description
English I is a challenging course that sets the foundation for
all of the classes you will take in the future. This course is
designed to improve your critical thinking skills, strengthen
your written and oral communication skills, expand your
vocabulary, and help you to develop lifelong skills that will
help you succeed after high. It is my hope that our study of
literature will help us to develop a better understanding of
the world and ourselves.
A Note from Miss Hanson
I am so excited to be teaching you this year! I
expect great things from each and every one of
you. Remember that I am always here to help you.
I believe in you, and I know that you will succeed
if you strive to do your best in every endeavor.
Welcome to awesome! This is going to be a great
year! 
Policies and Procedures
All school policies will be enforced in this class.
Hall passes
 Students are expected to use the restroom or visit their lockers before or after class. Since the bathrooms are right
across from my room, there is no excuse for not being able to go.
 You will be given four hall passes each quarter.
 At the end of each quarter, any unused hall passes will be counted for extra credit.
 If you use more than 3 hall passes during the quarter, Miss Hanson will deduct a point from your daily grade on the
day that it is used. If bathroom privileges are abused, Miss Hanson reserves the right to take them away (except in
the case of emergencies).
Entering the room
 You are to come prepared for class and ready to work. Paper, sharpened pencils/pen, Chromebook, required texts,
notebooks, etc. should be brought to class each day, unless you are instructed to do otherwise by the teacher.
 You should enter the room quietly, find your assigned seat, take out needed materials, and begin working on your
daily warm-up.
 If you are not IN YOUR SEAT when the bell rings, you will be considered tardy and will be asked to go to the office for
a pass.
Throwing things away
 Please do not throw things across the room. If you need to throw something away, you should quietly get out of your
seat and take the trash to the trash can.
Sharpening your pencil
 Try to sharpen all pencils before the bell or during transitions.
 You do not have to ask to sharpen your pencil if you are working on an individual or group assignment.
 If Miss Hanson is teaching or someone else is presenting, you must raise your hand and ask for permission.
 Miss Hanson reserves the right to deny your request if sharpening your pencil would be a distraction.
 Students are graded on participation each week.
 Things that determine your participation grade include: having all materials in class when the bell rings, participating
in class discussions, working diligently on assignments, etc.
 Students may not sleep in class. Sleeping will affect your participation grade.
Late work
 All assignments should be turned in on time.
 If you are absent on the day the assignment is due, you are expected to turn it in on the day you return. If you are
absent on the day of a quiz or test, you may be asked to take the assessment during PowerHour.
 Major assignments (projects, essays, etc.) will be accepted one day late for half credit.
 Miss Hanson does not accept late homework. Also, if you fail to turn in homework, you may be assigned a lunch
Class notebooks
 You are expected to maintain an organized English notebook.
 While Miss Hanson does not require that you have a separate notebook just for English, I do require that you have
FIVE dividers in the English section of your notebook: Warm-ups, Vocabulary, Literature, Grammar, and
 There will be TWO notebook checks each quarter.
Leaving class
 The bell does not dismiss you. You are expected to remain in your seat until you have been given permission to leave.
 Do not pack up your belongings until you are instructed to do so.
 Do not line up at the door to wait for the bell.
 Miss Hanson will be available before and after school most days. You may drop by Miss Hanson’s room at any time to
ask questions, but if you need an extended tutoring session, please talk to her at least 24 hours in advance.
 PowerHour tutoring is available after school every Monday and Thursday. If you need to ride the bus home, make
sure you sign up in guidance by 10:50 on the day you need a ride.
 You are expected to have your charged Chromebook in class each day. Not having a charged Chromebook will result
in a lunch detention.
Abstracts for Required Reading
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays of all time. Teenagers from two
feuding families meet, fall in love, and marry secretly. The priest who performs the ceremony hopes their
union will repair the rift between the feuding Capulets and Montagues. The couple’s love is no match for
this ancient quarrel, and a series of tragic misunderstandings leads ultimately to their deaths. The plot,
characters, and themes of this tragedy have inspired scores of modern novels, short stories, and
screenplays. Parents are advised that Romeo and Juliet contains mild sexual references and innuendo.
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
This book is a 1961 Pulitzer Prize winning novel about prejudices of race, gender, social class, and growing
up in the Deep South during the Depression. Two young people deal with these prejudices as they watch
their father defend a black man unjustly accused of raping a white woman. Some racially offensive
language is included. The symbolism of the mockingbird is used to bring about the themes of innocence
and the need to protect it. As Miss Maudie points out in the novel, “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but
make music for us to enjoy. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”
Mythology by Edith Hamilton
This work is considered by most authorities to be the most comprehensive and accurate translation of
Greek and Roman classic myths. The author, Edith Hamilton, is a renowned classical scholar. She
introduces students to ancient mythological figures, and describes their adventures in vivid detail. She
provides helpful lineage charts and illustrations based on ancient sources. Exposure to Greek and Roman
mythology is crucial because of the frequent classical allusions found in modern literature. This work
contains mild sexual references and descriptive violence.
The Odyssey by Homer
This classic epic poem describes the efforts of Trojan War hero Odysseus to return home to Ithica. After
insulting the mythical god Poseidon, Odysseus is forced to endure a ten-year ordeal as he battles
monsters, witches, spirits, and native armies in the ancient Mediterranean region. With the assistance of
his primary defender and confidant, the goddess Athena, Odysseus finally returns home to reunite with
his son, defeat his wife’s suitors, and reclaim the thrown of his nation-state. This important literary work
set the standard for all modern quest stories, and inspired generations of poets, novelists, and
screenwriters. Parents are advised that The Odyssey contains mild sexual references and descriptive
Parent and Student Contract:
Parents, please initial each statement below acknowledging that you and your child have reviewed the commitments
required to succeed in English I CP:
________While some of the pieces we read include mature themes and mild profanity, these novels have great
literary merit. If you have any questions or concerns about the required reading, please contact Miss Hanson as
soon as possible. Please initial here to indicate that you have read all or the abstracts and give your child permission
to read any of the listed works or you plan to contact Miss Hanson regarding one of the works.
________ Miss Hanson maintains rigorous evaluation standards for the work you submit, and makes every effort to
give you the benefit of the doubt in grading your assignment. If you ever feel that she has made a mistake in
calculating your grade, see her at once to discuss it privately. If she has made an error, she will gladly make the
________ If you have any special medical or emotional conditions that may affect your work in this course, please
bring them to Miss Hanson’s attention at the start of the semester. She will maintain the strictest confidentiality in
this matter. The rationale for this request is that if you or your parents wait until the end of the year to inform the
school of a condition that has affected your work, it will be difficult to make accommodations for the condition after
the fact.
________ From time to time, students will be asked to participate in photographed and/or videotaped classroom
activities. This is for the improvement of student and teacher interaction, as well as teacher review (professional).
By initialing here, you grant permission for your child to be part of the activities.
________ From time to time, students may view portions of films rated PG or PG-13. These films have educational
value, are directly related to instruction, and are approved by school administration. By initialing here, you grant
permission for your child to view these approved films in class.
________ By initialing each statement above and completing the information below, you acknowledge that you
have read and understand all components of the English I CP class syllabus.
Student Name (please print) ______________________________________________________________
Student Signature____________________________________________ Date______________________
Parent Name (please print) _______________________________________________________________
Parent Signature_____________________________________________ Date______________________
Parent Email_________________________________________@_______________________________
Parent Phone Number: __________________________________________________________________
If there is anything specific that you would like Miss Hanson to know about your child, please email Miss
Hanson or attach a note to this form.