Quick Write 1-5

Journal Entries and Quick Writes
English 3 2016
Quick Write 1
• Recognizing when and where a story takes
place helps you set expectations for reading.
Think of a movie or television show you have
seen recently. What clues helped you
understand the story’s setting?
Quick Write 2
• Imagine that you live in colonial America.
Write a description of the place where you live
and the work you do to help support your
Quick Write 3
• When you talk with your friends, you
probably discuss the challenges you face
every day. Write a blog entry in which
you present an issue that troubles you.
Describe how you resolved it or why you
could not
Quick Write 4
• Have you ever on occasion become hysterical?
• If so describe the events that led up to you
becoming hysterical.
• If not then define hysterical and explain why
people may become this way.
Quick Write 5
• Analyzing the influence of a setting on a
• Writers of horror and science fiction
create worlds where even everyday
objects can become powerful or
frightening. How did understanding
the “world” of a movie help you
understand the story?
Unit 1 Vocabulary
• 1. allegory: a story or tale with 2 or more
levels of meaning
• 2. ambiguity: effect created when words
suggest and support 2 or more meanings
• 3. anecdote: brief story about an
amusing and strange event; told for
• 4. connotation: words called to mind in
addition to dictionary meaning
• 5. denotation: it is the words intended
meaning(dictionary meaning)
• 6. essay: short nonfiction work about a
particular subject
• 7. genre: a division, or type
Voc. Cont.
• 8. memoir: autobiographical writing that
tells about an event in a person’s life
• 9. folk literature: a body of stories
legends, ballads, myths, and started with
the oral tradition
• 10. narrative: a story told in fiction,
nonfiction, poetry, or drama
Favorite Folk-tale, myth, or fairy-tale
• What would you say your favorite
story is and what is it about that
story that keeps you coming back to
it?(Explain in 6 to 12 sentences.)