—2014/2015 ALGEBRA II Honors Miller

Text: Algebra II, Pearson, 2012
Instructor Information:
Teacher: Carol Miller
E-mail address: carolmiller@anderson5.net
Planning: 8:20-9:50 M-F
Help Hours: 7:30-8:00 Daily, 3:40-4:45 W
Course Description:
Algebra II is a course designed as an advanced, fast-paced course for students who have
successfully completed Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra I. Students must have at
least a “B” (85) or better in Algebra II Honors to advance to the next level in Honors
mathematics. This course focuses on the study of functions: linear, polynomial, radical,
quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. We will also investigate
inequalities, statistics, systems of equations and inequalities, and sequences and series.
Course Outline:
1st 9 Weeks: Relations and Functions
2nd 9 Weeks:
Linear& Quadratic Review
Quadratic Functions
Polynomial Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Mid Term Exam: Oct 16 3rd Block
Oct 17 2nd Block
Rational Equations
Sequences & Series
Bivariate Data
Probability & Binomial Theorem
Trigonometric Functions
Final Exam: Jan 8 3rd Block
Jan 9 2nd Block
Grading Procedures:
In order to prepare students for higher order and eventually, college level classes, the grading
policies in this course are rigorous. The majority of a student’s grade will come from their
scores on the in-class tests and final exam. Grades will be weighted as follows: In-class tests
(up to 60%), quizzes (up to 20%), homework (up to 5%), portfolio (up to 5%), and exam (10%).
Homework will be graded on completeness. Students are allowed to work in study groups or to
ask the teacher for help on homework. Students will not be permitted to use notes, textbooks,
or other assistance on tests and the final exam. No extra credit is offered in this course.
Makeup work will only be provided for a student who has a school-excused absence and must
be completed within one week of the absence.
Student Expectations:
Regular attendance is critically important for success. The school attendance policy will be
followed at all times. No more than 5 excused or unexcused absences are allowed. Medical
excuses are handled by the administration. Also, missing more than 30 minutes of a class
counts as an absence.
Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class. Prepared for class means that the
student is dressed appropriately (with ID visible), has completed necessary homework; has
turned off and properly stowed all personal electronic devices; and has appropriate materials
for note-taking, textbook, and calculator. The student will conduct his/herself in such a manner
as to maximize the learning experience for the entire class while showing respect for the
instructor and other students.
All tests and quizzes must be completed within the allotted class time. Extra time will be
given only to students who have special accommodations through 504 plans. Extra time will
be defined as +½ the original allotted time.
Academic Integrity:
Especially because this is an HONORS class, I will expect students to display academic
integrity at all times. *Academic Integrity is submitting one's own work and properly
acknowledging the contributions of others. Any violation of this principle constitutes academic
dishonesty and may result in a failing grade and disciplinary action. Forms of academic
dishonesty include the following:
Plagiarism – submitting all or part of another's work as one's own in an academic exercise
such as an examination, a computer program, or written assignment.
Cheating – using or attempting to use unauthorized materials on an examination or
assignment, such as using unauthorized texts or notes or improperly obtaining
(or attempting to obtain) copies of an examination or answers to an examination.
Collusion – helping another commit an act of dishonesty, such as substituting for an
examination, completing an assignment for someone else, supplying or
distributing an exam or loaning work for the purposes of copying.
Fabrication – altering or transmitting, without authorization, academic information or
(*adapted from Piedmont Technical College, Greenwood, SC for the SC Curriculum Alignment Project)
Note: The teacher reserves the right to alter, add to, or delete requirements of the syllabus based
upon her judgment of what is best for the educational purposes of a particular class.