A separate application form is available for budget requests

Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)
Project Expenses
This student undergraduate research fellows (S.U.R.F.) budget proposal is a joint Faculty
Scholar /Student Fellow team submission. The team should submit a joint proposal that
includes the following components. These should be in the order described below.
[ ] Application Form: The application form should be the cover page of the proposal.
[ ] Budget and Rationale: List of expenses items to support the project and a rationale. This
request is separate from the S.U.R.F. stipend.
Student Fellow, who identifies financial needs after the beginning of the summer program,
should submit the application form, and a budget with a rationale for the request, to the Office of
Fall 2015
Student Undergraduate Research Fellows (S.U.R.F.)
Project Expenses
Student Applicant (print): ____________________________
Rank: (
) 1st year (
) 2nd year
) 3rd year
Major: ________________
) Other
Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Telephone: ______________________ E-mail: ____________________________________
Title of Project: ______________________________________________________________
Total amount requested: ____________________
Submission Date:____________________
Research Term: Summer____________
Signature of Student Applicant: __________________________________________________
Faculty Scholar Applicant (name): ______________________________________________
Department: ________________________
Signature of Faculty Scholar Applicant: ____________________________________________
D&R review:
Amount recommended: ____________________
D&R Committee chair signature: _______________________
Date: ____________
Provost review:
Amount approved: _____________________________
Provost signature: ______________________________
Date: _____________
Fall 2015