Mrs. Self's ABCs

The A~B~C’s of Mrs. Self’s Classroom!!
A- A NEW year:
I am so excited to have your child in my classroom this year! I have worked hard to make the
classroom a fun place to learn. I hope your child will feel at home in Room 25.
B- Book Order:
I will be sending home monthly book orders through out the year. This a cheap, untaxed why to
buy books that will build up your child's personal library. Anytime you purchase books through the
book orders, you help me gain points to buy books for the classroom. I normally give two weeks for
you to look through the order and return it. The book orders will be due the last Wednesday of each
month (unless noted on book order).
C- Communication:
Email: [email protected]
Homework Folder/”Rocking Out with Mrs. Self”: This sheet will be found in the front
of your child’s homework folder. Please check it daily. You will find important dates, homework, and
personal notes. Please initial the block for each day.
Phone Calls: The school’s number is 260-5090. I have planning from 9:10-10:00 and I stay
until 4:00 most afternoons. My cell phone number is 353-4559, if you have questions or problems feel
free to call or text before 7pm. Please respect my family time from 7pm-7am and all day Sunday!
Power School: Make sure to get your sign in code from the office so you can keep a check on
your child’s grades.
Website: I update important dates, information, and pictures on Mondays.
Remind 101: Please text this code @f6927 to 81010
PLEASE keep your information updated!
D- Don’t Forget:
Please send a note anytime your child’s transportation home changes from the normal way you
stated at “Meet the Teacher Day” or the beginning of school. If you do not send a note your child
will not be able to go home the new way.
E- Extra Help:
I will give your child all the help I can when they are having trouble learning a topic. I give
individual help and group re-teaching. As a parent you also can ask for advice on how to help your
child at home.
F- Fundraiser:
Don’t forget to cut box-tops, Tyson chicken, juice pouches, and Campbell soup labels. This can
really help the school!
G- Grades:
The students will now be graded using A, B, C, D, and F. If a paper has a letter/number grade
this indicates work that was done independently and was recorded in the grade book. In second grade
we use the following grading scale:
100-93 A
92-85 B
84-77 C
76-70 D
69 and below F
H- Homework:
Reading Log- The students are required to read at least 10 minutes at home a day. There will be
a Reading Log in their homework folder. Please initial each day stating that your child read.
Math Facts- I will send home a clear pocket protector with a timed test inside. Have the
students practice these at least 3 times a weeks. This will truly help your child. They should be allowed
10 minutes to see how many they get finished. The student can write on the pocket protector with a
dry erase marker so you can reuse the tests.
Spelling Contract – Each student will have a composition notebook with the spelling contract
menu in the front – students will pick activities to equal 25 points each week.
See “Rocking with Mrs. Self” for other homework.
I- “I Care Statement”:
In second grade we ask that the students begin to solve their own problems. I teach the “I Care
Statement”. This gives the students a way to communicate with their friends about how their feelings
were hurt. The
students will try and workout their
6 folders w/ brads and pockets before coming to a teacher. If they can
not solve their problem or the problem is violent in nature, I ask they come immediately to me.
J- Just Water:
Your child is allowed to bring a clear water bottle to class. Please do not send the bottle to
school with anything but water. I will ask your child to pour out any other liquid.
K- Keep Them Ahead:
My goal this year is to have the students work a step harder than where I’m required to teach. I
believe that students should be pushed and given high expectations.
L- Lunch:
Lunch time is 11:40-12:05. You are welcome to join your child at lunch. Here are a few new
rules of Calhoun.
 Parents will eat at their child’s lunch table.
 No fast food allowed
 Keep birthdays simple
M- Materials:
Your child will need the following:
Color Pencils
Glue Sticks
Dry Erase Markers
6 composition notebooks
Notebook Paper
3 ring binder (1 inch with clear view front)
Paper folders (red, blue, yellow, orange, green and purple)
Ear phones
Homework folder
Additional supplies that will be helpful to your child:
1 pair of safety scissors
1 zippered pouch for pencils
Bottle of glue
* Please check with your child throughout the year to make sure they have not lost materials.
N- Notes TO Me:
Please let your child know when you put a letter for me or money in their homework folder. I
have the students turn in their own homework therefore, I don’t check their folders. The students
are asked to put notes and money in my hands at the beginning of each morning.
O- Opportunity:
Your second grader has a new opportunity this year. Please consider letting your child sign up
for strings. This is a great program for all students. Mr. Baker is awesome so check this program out!
P- Parent Help:
I would appreciate any help that you would like to offer. Just let me know when you are
available and I will get you plugged in!
Q- Questions:
Students and parents should come to me with any questions or concerns they may have. I
really want to have a working relationship with my students and parents.
R- Reading Tests:
In second grade students begin the year by reading their own reading test. Teachers read any
science, math, and social studies tests.
S- Schedule, Sharpening Pencils, Going to the Restroom, and Getting a Tissue or Water:
Special area will be 9:10-10:00
Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Thursday: Dance
Friday: Dance/Guidance
Pencils- The students are required to sharpen two pencils each morning. This should last them
through the day.
Restroom, Tissue, or Water- Students are allowed to use the items anytime I’m not teaching
without asking. If I’m teaching they may ask only if it is an emergency.
T- Treat Box and Behavior System:
I use the school’s positive/negative system. Your child will receive a negative anytime they
choose not to follow the Calhoun’s Essentials. A positive will be rewarded for going beyond what is
expected. A weekly sheet will be sent home on Fridays to be signed and return. I also reward my
students with “Rock Star Dollars” that are used to buy things in the classroom store. This helps teach
the students how to count money and learn the concept of saving for something bigger or better.
U- Understanding:
Second grade does two things. We re-teach some of the 1st grade concepts so that the students
get a better understanding of what they learned last year. We also expand on what was learned last
year to learn more complex ideas.
V- Vocabulary Words:
We learn vocabulary words with each story we read, please help your child review these words.
W- Word Wall Words:
Your child will have 10 spelling words this year. The first 5 are word wall words. The next 5 are
word family, skill words, or enrichment words from other areas of study. I will send home a letter with
the first spelling test to explain more.
X- eXtremely Important Student:
Each week I will choose a Rock Star of The Week. The following list will go home on the Friday
before your child is the Star of The Week. I would like for you to see it now so you can start planning
your child’s week. The Star of The Week will also fill out a poster and fill a bucket with 5 items to
share with the class.
~ Monday is “Me Day”: Star of The Week will share the poster and bucket with the class.
~ Tuesday is “Time-to-Read Day”: Star of The Week will share their favorite book.
~ Wednesday is “Way-to-Go Day”: Parents are asked to send a letter bragging on their child.
~ Thursday is “Talent Day”: Star of The Week can perform a talent or bring a picture showing off their
~ Friday is “Friendship Day”: All the students will write a compliment about the Star Student on a
poster for the “star” to keep.
Y- Yummy Breakfast:
If you would like for your child to have breakfast, please have them at school by 7:30 am. If
they are not there at this time, they will not have time to finish their breakfast. I start instruction at
Z- Zoom:
This year will zoom by so please help your child work hard and do their best. I promise to do
everything I can to get your child ready for 3rd grade.
Please sign on the bottom line stating that you read this. If this is brought
back within the first week of school your child will earn their first dollar
for the classroom store.
Parent’s Signature: __________________________
Student’s Signature: ____________________________