Career Fantasy Assignment

The Great Career Fantasy
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Theories of the Interview
“The Assignment”
Your Mission…
What do you want to be?
Where do you want to go?
Do you have the education,
skills and experience to get
If not, how will you gain
the necessary education,
skills and experience?
Step One: Goals
Focus on professional goals, but personal
goals may impact professional goals
What are your Interests, Skills, Values?
- What do you enjoy?
- What are you good at?
- What is important to you?
Select your ideal occupation
Step One: Goals, Continued
How will this occupation fulfill your goals &
complement your values?
What are the typical, day-to-day activities of
the position?
What are the training, advancement
opportunities and typical career progressions
for this career/field?
Provide information about salary and the job
Step Two: Graduate School &
Continuing Education
Identify and describe two options for
graduate, professional or technical
school programs or related training.
Explain how these programs or
certificaitons would assist you in
meeting your goals (professionally
and/or personally)
Step Three: Search for Positions
Research and select three separate
organizations that could be potential
employers for you.
Explain how these employers will allow you to
meet your goals. Why did you select these
particular employers?
Are you considering self-employment? If so,
explain the market analysis and funding
sources for start-up.
Step Four: Resume & Cover Letter
Create a professional resume to be used for
your job search.
Compose a creative, original letter convincing
the reader (an employer) to grant you an
interview for your ideal position.
Focus on your related education, skills &
experience as they relate to the position .
These are Marketing Tools: Focus on what
you can do for the employer!
Resume & Cover Letter, continued
User proper grammar, spelling,
punctuation, sentence structure, etc.
Demonstrate your writing skills and
attention to detail.
These documents are used by employers to
make decisions!
If they are not effective, you will not be
granted an interview.
Resources to Assist You:
Career Services
Student Services, SS 1600
Phone: (920) 465-2163
Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
Call to make an appointment.
Our Staff
Linda Peacock-Landrum, Director
Karla Miller, Program Coordinator for
Steven Newton, Program Coordinator for
Career Development
Pam Suster, University Services Associate
Resources to Identify Interests,
Skills and Values:
WISCareers – on-line resource and
Linked on the Career Services website under
“Students” & “Choose a Major/Career”
From off-campus, use registration code
Visit with a Career Counselor to
interpret/discuss results.
Resources to Identify Potential
Career Services’ Website:
Occupational Outlook Handbook – text
and on-line versions:
WISCareers: Occupations section.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Resources to Identify
Graduate Programs:
Career Resource Library: Peterson’s
Guides to Graduate Schools
Resources to Identify
Phoenix Recruitment On-Line: PRO
Phoenix Network: Alumni Database
The Internet: A multitude of websites! Job Search Links,
Employer Directories, Professional
Resources to Assist with
Resumes/Cover Letters:
Website: Resume & Cover Letter guides and
Phoenix Recruitment On-Line (PRO):
Samples on-line.
Career Services staff can critique resume &
cover letter drafts.
UWGB Writing Center
So, tell me about…
Your Great Career Fantasy!!