3.3d Cooperating Teacher Letter (from University Supervisor) January 13, 2010

3.3d Cooperating Teacher Letter (from University Supervisor)
January 13, 2010
Dear Cooperating Teacher,
First of all I want to thank you for agreeing to serve as a cooperating teacher. The task is
not an easy one, in light of all the other responsibilities that have been placed on our
I will come to visit/observe your student teacher a minimum of four times. I will start my
get acquainted visits in the month of January and hope to have all of my student teachers
seen for the first time by the middle of February. If need be, these initial visits can be
conducted in the back of the classroom while your student teacher works with the
students. These sessions will usually require approximately twenty minutes. Please
review the information provided in the Professional Semester Handbook the student
teacher brought to you. I will explain timelines and internet evaluations that you will
need to complete during our visits. My email address is [email protected], office
phone: 620-235-6513 and my cell phone number is 417-437-7177. It is very hard to
schedule an exact time for the first visit, but I will try to give your student teacher a day
of the week that I plan on visiting your school.
During my second through fourth visits your student teacher will be able to select the
time of the visit. I will try to group students in local proximity to each other to help
reduce some of the driving time required. As a group they can then work out a time
schedule that will work for all concerned.
Once again, thank you for agreeing to be a cooperating teacher. I am looking forward to
working with you and your student teacher this semester.
Pamela K. Sells, Ed. D.
Pittsburg State University