Assignment 14 Mad Cow

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Human Disease and Society
Assignment 14 – “Mad Cow Disease”
1. Mad Cow Disease is also known as BSE or ________________________________________
2. What are the basic symptoms of BSE?
3. It is thought that CJD or ___________________________________ is a human form of BSE.
4. How was Kuru thought to be transmitted and why was it more common in children and young
5. What disease, found in sheep is thought to be similar to BSE? ___________________
6. What was thought to be the source of this disease?
7. What are/were some of the changes in “public policy” instigated to deal with these diseases?
8. What was thought to be the source of the disease found in mink in Stetsonville, Wisconsin?
9. What is meant by a species barrier and why is it relevant to BSE?
10. How were typical, known, infectious agents eliminated as causes of BSE?
11. The technique of electrophoresis provided a clue to the “cause” of BSE. What was the clue?
12. A prion is an abnormal _______________, that when combined with ________________ causes cell
damage in the brain (tissue) and results in the neurological symptoms associated with SE.
13. How does the amount of prion increase, i.e., “replicate”?
14. What evidence supports the notion that SE is genetic?
15. What are some of the factors used in estimating the risk of SE in humans?