SPCOM 122 – Public Speaking Name __________________ Gross

SPCOM 122 – Public Speaking
Name __________________
Date __________________
Points __________________
Complete the following after reviewing your DVD. DVD’s will be returned at the class
session following your speech; evaluations are due on the following class day. Late
evaluations will not be accepted. Evaluations are worth up to 5 points, based on accuracy
and completeness. Be sure to separate your evaluations by category – structure, content and
delivery; do not include comments that are unrelated to the category.
I. Length of speech (minutes and seconds) _________
II. Structure – Describe what specific aspects of the speech structure (parts of the
introduction, body and conclusion) helped the audience follow your speech, and what
specific improvements would make the structure more effective.
SPCOM 122 – Speech Self-Evaluation, continued
III. Content – Describe specific strengths in the content (points, support material, sources)
of the speech, as well as what changes or additions in content would have made the speech
more effective.
IV. Delivery – What specific strengths did your delivery have, and what would have made
you come across better?