Yale Application

Application for Yale Directed Research Program
All application materials should be submitted in electronic form to Karen Yu, [email protected]
Student’s Name:
Academic Advisor:
Faculty Sponsor:
Overall GPA:
Major GPA:
Expected year of graduation:
Proposed semester(s) and summer at Yale
fall of
spring of
summer of
In completing the table below, please keep in mind that the program allows a maximum of 16 total credit-hours. For
most students, this will break down into 8-12 research credit-hours and 4-8 course credit-hours.
Type of credit-hours
(research or course)
of credithours
(P/F or letter
Details (e.g., course name)
Approved pre-requisites:
Please also submit in electronic form:
(a) a statement describing why you would like to participate in this program and the particular value of this program
to your educational, career, and personal goals
(b) a description of your proposed plan of research while at Yale, including a specification of the final product of
this work (typically a written report of your research, but possibly another equivalent product agreed upon by you,
your faculty sponsor, and the program director at the Yale Child Study Center)
(c) an endorsement of your proposed plan of research and study at Yale from the Sewanee faculty member who will
serve as your sponsor/advisor for this program
(d) a copy of your college transcript thus far
(e) two letters of recommendation
Questions may be directed to Karen Yu, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Yale Directed
Research Program, at 931-598-1920 or [email protected]