Research Project Completion Report Form

OBJECTIVES (please note if these are different than those originally proposed):
METHODS (please note if these are different than those originally proposed):
PARTNERS: (agencies, business/industry, etc)
BENEFITS to research, industry, coastal economies, or the environment: (Be specific about dollar
amounts [if they apply] when discussing benefits to existing or future industries or economies)
RESULTS SUMMARY: (500 words maximum; if this is continuing research, summarize your most
recent findings).
MN Sea Grant Completion Report
TARGET AUDIENCES: (Audiences interested in your results: scientific, agency, commercial, and
general public)
1. Success in meeting objectives: (describe obstacles and how overcome, if they were, or why
2. List of most exciting results/findings: (bullet format)
3. New research directions resulting from this research:
4. Awards or commendations to PIs or students:
5. Publications in refereed journals resulting from this research: (reminder: Sea Grant needs a
reprint of all publications resulting from this research and will pay journal page charges):
6a. Graduate students supported on this project: (please include full name of student)
6b. Graduate student degrees granted and thesis titles: (authors, titles, dates, school and department
granting degree, name of advisor if different from lead PI; please ensure that Sea Grant receives a bound
copy of each thesis)
6c. Location and title of job or position attained by graduate student(s) following graduation:
(include contact information, if known)
MN Sea Grant Completion Report
6d. Number of undergraduates that worked on this project: (include number that continued on to
graduate school in science or to a career in science, if known).
7. Presentations at professional meetings/conferences: (please list presenter, date, title, location, type
-- poster or platform)
8. Outreach publications and presentations: (include author/presenter, date, title, location, audience
9. Other outreach activities:
10. Describe ongoing interactions with Sea Grant Outreach staff:
11. Describe interactions with government agencies, other universities, or industries related to your
research, including future plans to extend your results to government, industry, or the public:
12. Is anyone applying your research results at this time? Explain.
13. List of products, patents, websites, programs, software, etc, resulting from this project:
14. If you have graphics, pictures, or video which showcase your project or results that we could
use on websites or in our publications, please briefly describe them.
MN Sea Grant Completion Report
PERFORMANCE MEASURES We are required to provide performance measures to National Sea
Grant each year. You may not have anything at all in some of these categories, and that is expected. All
we need at this point is your best guess and an explanation of how you arrived at your answer.
Measure 1: Economic and societal benefits derived from the discovery and application of new
sustainable coastal, ocean, and Great Lakes products from the sea. (include businesses or jobs
created or kept from being lost)
Measure 2: Cumulative number of coastal, marine, and Great Lakes issue-based forecast
capabilities developed and used for management. (typically interpreted to include most computer
Measure 3: Percentage/number of tools, technologies, and information services that are used by
managers (NOAA and/or its partners and customers) to improve ecosystem-based management.
Measure 4: Acres of ecosystems protected or restored as a result of Sea Grant’s involvement.
Measure 5: Number of environmentally-responsible fisheries and/or aquaculture production or
harvesting techniques implemented.
Measure 6: Number of communities who adopt/implement sustainable, economic and
environmental development practices and policies, or hazard resiliency practices.
Measure 7: Number of environmental curricula adopted by formal and informal educators.
OTHER METRICS OF INTEREST TO NOAA: Please answer any that apply to your project (none
may, and that is fine).
1. Did or will your project help develop or update sustainable development ordinances, policies, or
plans? If so, in what community?
2. Did your project help a community implement a sustainable development plan? If so, what
3. Did your project help develop or update a port or waterfront redevelopment ordinance, policy, or
plan? If so, what port or community?
4. Did you help a port or waterfront implement a redevelopment plan? If so, what port or community?
MN Sea Grant Completion Report
5. Did your project help develop or update polluted runoff management ordinances, policies, or plans?
If so, for what community?
6. Did your project help implement a polluted runoff management ordinance, policy, or plan? If so, for
what community?
MN Sea Grant Completion Report