Latin American Geographies 2. What is “imaginative geography”?

Latin American Geographies
1. “Where” is Latin America, according to the argument of the author?
2. What is “imaginative geography”?
3. What does the author mean by “deterritorialization”? By what “global cultural flows” is Latin America
deterritorialized? (ethnoscapes, etc. are some examples).
4. Our maps of Latin America reflect our own “cultural and political situatedness”. What does this
mean? Can you give examples?
5. The author’s example of two media that have constructed out imaginative geographies of Latin
America are : 1) travel writing and 2) consumption. Can you add examples to his?
6. In the final paragraph, the author discusses representation by comparison. Why is it important to look
at how we create our representations of people and places?
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