Favourite Subjects

Favourite Subjects
: 3D1 Block graphs
: Favourite Subjects
Key Stage : 1
Learning Objective:
Estimate the average by observing a block graph
Prerequisite Knowledge:
1. Read block graph
2. Collect data, and construct frequency tables and draw graphs using a
one-to-one representation
Teaching Resource:
1. Worksheet
1. Pupils study the Worksheet and try to estimate the average of the data.
2. Use the data of the most favourite subject and the least favourite subject to
estimate the average.
3. Draw a horizontal line on the block graph to show the estimated average.
4. Pupils use the horizontal line drawn to discuss the actual value of the
average and give reason(s).
Questions for Discussion:
1. How many subjects are involved in this study?
2. Which is the most favourite subject of the class? How many pupils choose
3. Which is the least favourite subject of the class? How many pupils choose
4. The average number of pupils should always lie between which two data?
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Favourite Subjects
5. After drawing a horizontal line of the estimated average, how many pupils
are there above the line and how many missing blocks are there below the
6. If the numbers of pupils above and the missing blocks below the line are the
same, what does it mean?
7. If the number of pupils above the line is more or less than the number of
missing blocks below the line, what does it mean? How should the
estimated average be adjusted?
Generic Skills Fostered:
Communication Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Problem Solving Skills
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