Learner Resource 2 ‘Foreign’ Words

Learner Resource 2
‘Foreign’ Words
For each word, you can only say the ‘foreign’ word on the left (no other words or sounds) and use
gesture and actions to try to help your group to guess its meaning.
Fippo – chair
Dubba – ball
Widder – face
Flug – listen
Bool – sleep
Trup – blue
Happa – tired
Kilp – hello
Glin – stop
Letun – naughty
Hoon – dirty
Scom – door
Heeb – tree
Yad – book
Annit – hot
Pommet - big
Hoob - please
Kib – good
Geen – girl
Filt – drink
Uhtceare – morning worries
Grobble – laugh sarcastically
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