Teacher Resource 3 - Prep room mix-up

Teacher Resource 3 - Prep room mix-up
Choose 5 chemicals for this activity depending on what you have available. The compounds should
have different functional groups. To increase demand, consider including some compounds that
have multiple functional groups.
Provide a list of the identities of the unknowns. Consider whether you want to provide the structures,
or have learners figure them out. Provide suitable hazard information for all unknowns and testing
Teachers are advised to try out all experiments prior to using them in class.
A full risk assessment should always be carried out prior to practical work.
It works best if all test substances are liquids, so provide any solids as solutions in containers
labelled A–E. Sufficient test tubes and other apparatus such as dropping pipettes and water baths
for heating will need to be available.
Learners should plan their tests themselves.
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