PowerPoint from June 2010 In-Service

Cooperating Teacher
Southeast Missouri State
Conceptual Framework
Creating Communities of Professional Learners to Enhance Student Success in P-12 Schools
Role of Cooperating
♦ Mentor - Share ideas and make
♦ Communicate openly and honestly by
periodically observing presentations
♦ Include them in all duties – need a broad
and thorough picture of teaching
♦ Communicate ALL concerns or kudos with
University Supervisor
♦ Please complete all University Paperwork
Role of Cooperating
Teacher (continued)
♦ Include teacher candidate in all duties
♦ Observe periodically and provide oral and
written critiques
♦ Make arrangements for teacher candidate
to observe other teachers
♦ Complete all evaluations and discuss
progress with University Supervisor
♦ Recommend grade
Role of University
♦ Observation of student teacher and
submission of evaluation forms
♦ Provide feedback /coaching in strategies
that may improve delivery
♦ Coordinate assignments per University
and district schedule
♦ Submit final grade to Field Experiences
Role of Student
♦ Full-time job (No shortened days permitted
without University written approval)
♦ Punctual and no attendance issues
♦ Dress professionally per district policy
♦ Appropriate etiquette displayed regarding
use of cell phones or other devices
♦ Demonstrate collaborative and ethical
behavior toward colleagues and parents
Attendance Policy
♦ Student Teaching is a full-time
 Reductions in hours on assigned district
campus must be done through the Office of
Field Experiences only.
 Outside employment is discouraged
 All expected absences should be approved
by the Cooperating Teacher and University
Recommended Timelines
♦ Week 1 Learn student names
 Observe and assist with group instruction at
Cooperating Teacher’s discretion
 Become familiar with curriculum, classroom
and school rules, procedures, personnel
 Assist with routine activities
♦ Week 2
 Continue with many Week 1 activites
 Become more involved in one-on-one or
small group activities
 May teach one or more lessons in a given
subject using the Cooperating Teacher’s
lesson plans and observations based upon
previous lesson(s) taught
♦ Week 3
 Assist the teacher in large group instruction
perhaps teaching one or more lesson(s)
 Assume responsibility for teaching one or
two subjects
 Design lessons and complete lesson plans
for all lessons taught
♦ Week 4
 Teach additional subjects (recommend at
least 3)
♦ Week 5
 Plan and teach all lessons in one or more
classes (recommend more than 3)
♦ Week 6 and Week 7
 Teach all classes
 Plan units and lessons with advice and
assistance from Cooperating Teacher and
other resource personnel
 Perform routine activities
♦ Week 8
 Relinquish all teaching responsibilities to
Cooperating Teacher
 Return borrowed materials
 Observe other classes within the school and
visit other school personnel
Thank You!
♦ For being a Member of our Team
♦ For serving as a role model and
impacting the career of a future teacher
We could not do this without you!