PowerPoint from Spring 2013 Student Teaching Orientation

Student Teaching
Lori Mueller
Missouri State
June 12, 2009
Over the next few weeks…
You are a Guest
University Supervisors
Please Provide to Your University Supervisor:
♦ Contact information
♦ Up-to-date weekly schedule (if requested)
♦ Reflective journal (a mandatory requirement that must
be maintained by every teacher candidate)
♦ Written and detailed lesson plans
♦ Completed forms for final conference meeting
Your first eight-week supervisor’s requirements may vary
from your second eight-week supervisor’s requirements.
2 formative
evaluations by
field supervisor
for each
2-3 formative
evaluations by
teacher for
each placement
1 summative
evaluation for
each placement
completed by
field supervisor
in conjunction
with the
Teacher Candidate
Follow a Code of Ethics
Provide non-discriminatory and professional
educational services
Protect the health and safety of all students
Use reasonable disciplinary action in consultation with
your cooperating teacher and per building policy
Do not falsify or misrepresent records or facts about
your qualifications
Do not knowingly make false or malicious statements
about students or colleagues (including discussions on
social networks)
♦ Use caution while using social networks
 If you are not sure if it is appropriate, don’t post it!
♦ Nothing is ever “deleted” from the Internet
♦ Employers can and will look you up on social networks
 Your pages should reflect a positive profile of you!
♦ Be aware of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act
(state law that limits teacher-student interactions)
♦ Google yourself to see what image your name
What You Need to Know
for the Field
Lesson Plans
♦ All student teachers are required to prepare
lesson plans in a format that is acceptable to
both the cooperating teacher and the
University supervisor
♦ Prepare a lesson plan for every lesson you are
responsible for teaching
 Recommended: Lessons should be prepared at
least two days in advance for review by the
cooperating teacher
Work Progress Report
Provide documentation of your activities associated with student
♦ Observations: Time observing teacher/students
♦ Participation: Time working with students
♦ Actual Teaching Time: Time in charge of classroom
♦ Activities Related to Teaching: Time grading, record-keeping,
assemblies, extracurricular activities
♦ Preparation for Actual Teaching Methods: Time preparing
♦ Methods Conferences: Time dedicated to formal and informal
method conferences with cooperating teacher and University
Must be Completed on a Timely Basis
Dress & Appearance
Six Important Issues that
Impact all Teachers
Data Privacy
Physical and Emotional Limitations
Personal Interactions
Child Abuse
Cultural Competence
School Safety
Skills Employers Seek
♦ Honesty and Integrity
♦ Communication
(verbal and written)
♦ Interpersonal
(relates well to others)
♦ Teamwork
(works well with others)
♦ Strong Work Ethic
♦ Motivation;
Takes Initiative
♦ Flexibility/Adaptability
♦ Professionalism and
♦ Customer Service
♦ Detail-Oriented
♦ Organizational Skills
Substitute Teaching
♦ You should not work as a substitute during student teaching
– that is not the intent of this experience.
♦ If you have a substitute certificate, in an EMERGENCY, you
may stay in your assigned classroom with students while
your cooperating teacher deals with the emergency (e.g.,
taking a sick/injured child to the nurse’s office); other
certified personnel should be available to assist.
♦ For a full-day, planned absence of the cooperating teacher,
a paid substitute should be in the room with you.
♦ You MAY be paid for after school activities (e.g., coaching)
or subbing on breaks that are not part of your assignment.
♦ Based on the St. Cloud model
♦ Becoming more prevalent in St. Louis school
districts, the Southeast region, and across the
♦ Have been piloting with some Block IV
Southeast students and incorporating into the
♦ If you have a co-teaching placement, you will
either be trained today or by your district
Educator Evaluation System
♦ Schools have to adopt the Missouri system,
or one that incorporates the seven essential
principles of effective evaluation, in the next
year – some are piloting now
♦ Teachers will be evaluated on professional
commitment, professional practice, and
professional impact
♦ For more information, visit
Contact Information
Dr. Lori Mueller, Coordinator
Mrs. Anita Sides, Administrative Assistant
Clinical Experiences
One University Plaza, MS5600, Scully 304
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
E-mail: fieldexperiences@semo.edu
Phone: 573-651-2125
Questions? Comments?
What you REALLY
need to know
♦ www.dese.mo.gov
♦ If you are still working
on the Praxis II, please
have your scores sent to SEMO
♦ Submit your online application
when Mrs. Holder e-mails you
Contact Information
Dr. Lori Mueller, Coordinator
Mrs. Sherry Holder, Administrative Assistant
Certification & Assessment
One University Plaza, MS5600, Scully 304A
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
E-mail: sholder@semo.edu
Phone: 573-651-2556
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