Library Instruction and Information Literacy Instruction Video Evaluation

Library Instruction and Information Literacy
Instruction Video Evaluation
Your video will be evaluated according to content and technical quality.
Video Title:
Names of Team Members:
1. Objectives/Purpose: was the purpose of the Video clear?
2. Accuracy: was the content accurate?
Deduct 5 points or more for each error.
3. Recency: was content up-to-date?
4. Usefulness: did the content provide useful content?
5. Relevance: was the content connected to audience needs?
6. Motivation: did the content encourage the viewer to learn/do/act?
7. Stimulation: did the content stimulate interest in the topic?
8. Understanding: did the content help viewers understand the topic?
9. Application: did the content suggest ways the viewer might apply new knowledge?
10. Reflection: did the content encourage reflection?]
11. Uniqueness/originality: is the content original?
Technical production:
12. Planning: was the video well planned?
13. Organization: was the video well organized?
14. Structure: was the video well structured?
15. Focus: did the video focus on the topic?
16. Visual quality: were images clear?
Deduct 5 points for each blurry image.
17. Scene changes: were scene changes smooth and logical?
18. If used, were special effects useful?
19. If varying camera shots were used (e.g., close-ups and long –shots), are they useful?
20. Audio quality: is vocabulary appropriate for audience?
21. Audio quality: was narrative speed appropriate?
22. Audio quality: was background noise (including music) appropriate?
23. Audio quality: is the vocal track clear and audible?
24. Did the audio and visual components complement each other?
25. Were the audio and visual components in synch with each other?
26. Are arrows and circles used when needed to point to details?
27. Are details clear and enlarged when needed?
28. If captions are used, are they clear and relevant?
29. Did the team follow instructions for ensuring their video is provided to the client/site?
Additional comments: