Controlled assessments for GCSE Physical Education - A starter's guide (PPT, 142KB) New

Controlled assessments
for GCSE Physical
A starter’s guide
Let’s just say that
You want to enter candidates next June,
2014, for their controlled assessments.
What do you do first?
Refer to the Guide to Controlled Assessment for
details on the requirements of the practical
activities and analysis tasks.
What next?
• For both analysis and practical activity tasks Refer to the Guide to Controlled Assessment for
how to manage the different tasks.
• Induct your candidates to the tasks. For the
analysis tasks this will include introducing the
research and production elements of the task.
And then?
Commence the practical activity tasks. Ensure you
log the feedback you give to candidates during the
Commence the analysis task research and
production elements, paying particular attention to
how you schedule and monitor the time controls.
If your candidates are conducting the task research
element off-site you do not need to supervise this.
What about the writing up of the
analysis tasks?
• Candidates can take notes into the writing-up session.
These should relate to, and be limited to, observations,
headings and a draft version of the AL action plan or the
AP action plan only. Notes must not be a pre-written
attempt at the task.
• The actual writing up MUST be done in school, under
close supervision.
What about using material for the
analysis tasks from the internet,
books etc?
This is OK, as long as they clearly credit the
reference within the body of their work, and not
just in a general bibliography at the end.
• It’s not a memory test – controlled conditions are
there to prevent cheating, not the legitimate use
of research materials.
And any notes they bring in for the
analysis tasks?
• You need to be able to authenticate the work as being
by the candidate and not by their friend, their Mum…..
• So take in and scrutinise any notes they bring in before the
write-up starts. Allow them to use the notes during the writeup lessons but always collect in and keep secure at the end
of each lesson.