Candidate Endorsement Candidate’s Information

Candidate Endorsement
Candidate’s Information
Candidate’s Name: _______________________________________________________ Date:____________________
Party Affliation:____________________________________________________________________________________
Dear Student Government Association 2016 Election Board,
I am pleased to recommend the above individual for a senate seat in Pittsburg State University’s Student Government
Association. He/She has proven themselves to be a formidable student and appears well-knowledgeable in the
procedures and ethics related to Student Government Association. He/ She seems immune to corruption and noticeably
His/Her dedication and hard work will promote a healthy and positive environment in Student Government Association.
I fully support his/her efforts in the 2016 PSU SGA Elections.
Faculty/Staff Member’s Information
Faculty/Staff Member’s Printed Name: ________________________________________________________________
Faculty/Staff Member’s Signature:____________________________________________________________________
Faculty/Staff Member’s Title/Position:_________________________________________________________________
University Email Address:____________________________________________________________________________
University Phone Extension:_____________________________
PSU ID Number:________________________
**Candidate must personally deliver this form to an Elections Board member. This completed form is required to have
your name on the ballot for Spring 2016 Pittsburg State University Student Government Association Elections.**
Election Board Member Receiving:______________________________________________
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