Notice to Parents/Guardians

Notice to Parents/Guardians
Dear Parents/Guardians,
“My Pledge to Act — Love Our Home and Clean Hong Kong”
All schools are encouraged by the Education Bureau to organise “My
Pledge to Act—Love Our Home and Clean Hong Kong”. It is aimed at
enabling students to care about our home, love our community and
environment, and keep Hong Kong clean; to develop the positive values and
attitudes of practising healthy living, caring about our community, and being a
responsible citizen and so forth, in order to build a better world.
To promote this meaningful event, our school will conduct a series of
related activities from ______ (month) to _______ (month) in this school year.
You are cordially invited to participate and lend your support to work with us to
cultivate the positive values and attitudes in your children.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Yours faithfully,
(Principal’s name)
Principal of (School name)