How to Achieve Better Math Grades


Solutions to Better Math Grades = mx + b

Parts of the Equation

This is the mathematical equation or formula for a straight line

Studying Time (m)

“m” is known as the slope of the line

Symbolizes the rate (or how many hours dedicated to


Understand that studying for math is different from other subjects:

Math is learned by doing problems and understanding examples

Each math class builds on the previous lesson

In-class, when confused or have a question, do not hesitate to ask for help

Studying Time (m)

 A general rule is to study at least 2 hours for every hour spent in class, for a math class this will likely be more

Take as much time as you need to do all homework

 Form a study group and meet once or twice a week

 The more challenging the material, the more time should be spent on it

Effort (x)

“x” is known as the independent variable

 the variable representing the value being manipulated or changed (What do I change?)

Putting forth more effort

Become an active learner

Take good notes

Create good study habits

Get a tutor

Review before test

Effort (x)

Be actively involved in the learning process:

Take responsibility for studying

Attend class every day and take complete notes

Be an active participant in the classroom

Ask questions in class

Visit the teacher during office hours and ask questions

Practice good study habits throughout the semester

Effort (x)

Note taking tips for math

Write down the title of the lesson

Write down the math problem and each step in the solution using math symbols

Write down a question mark next to anything you don’t understand

Before starting the homework highlight the titles you have written in your notes

Do all homework problems

Effort (x)

Good study habits throughout the semester make it easier come test time:

Do the homework when it is assigned

While completing homework, make a lists of formulas and techniques to use on the test

Ask your Instructor questions as they come to mind, instead of waiting until the day before the test

Effort (x)

Getting a tutor or seeking math assistance

The time to get assistance in math is NOW

You should get it as soon as you need it

Don’t wait until test time to get help

Seek tutoring opportunities

Effort (x)

Reviewing for the test:

Start by going over each section by reviewing notes and working the problems to be sure that you can still remember how to do them

Put yourself in a test-like situation by working the review problems at the end of the chapters

Start studying in at least one week in advance

Get lots of sleep the night before the test

Confidence (b)

“b” is known as the Y-intercept, the part of the line that crosses the y-axis

Confidence in one’s abilities

Believing that if sufficient amount of effort is put forth, my grades will increase

Overcoming test anxiety

Confidence (b)

Sufficient effort

The more effort put into studying, the more confident a person is to achieve greater success

Relief from anxiety

Seeking assistance and maximizing studying leads to confidence in ability to perform well on the test

Math Anxiety



Common Sources:

Negative classroom experiences


Passive Behavior

Lack of Confidence

Pressure or ridicule from family or classmates

Poor math attitude

Insufficient preparation

Be sure to check out website for more information:

Math Anxiety

Tips to reduce anxiety:

Ask questions

Practice, practice, practice

Read the text, take good notes, do the problems

Admit that you need assistance

Get assistance

Overcome negative self talk

Study in a conducive learning environment

For more assistance with studying and overcoming math anxiety:

Solutions to Achieving Better Math

Grades (y)

“y” is known as the dependent variable

 the variable that is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated (What do I observe?)

Completing the equation:

“m”= the amount of hours dedicated to studying

“x” = the amount of effort/additional help

“b” = the amount of confidence in one’s abilities

Better Math Grades= Studying hours(Effort) + Confidence

(y) = (m) multiplied by (x) plus (b)

Solutions to Achieving Better Math

Grades (y)

The formula explains:

 the more hours dedicated to studying

 the more effort put into understanding the material

 confidence in your ability to perform well on a test will continue to increase

 combining all three parts of the equation, maximizes success and achieves better math grades

Taking The Math Test

Key aspects to remember while taking the test:

Look over the entire test

Do the problems in the order that suits you

Work as quickly and continuously as you can

Show all of your work

Never waste time erasing

In a multiple-step problem outline the steps before working the problem

Read the questions carefully and do all parts

Verify your answers

If you finish early check every problem

For More Information:

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 a/mathanxiety.htm


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