Design activity #2: learning

Design activity #2: learning
In this activity, you will acquire more information about:
The subject area of the collection being designed.
The source library of media you will use as the basis for your collection.
The user audience you are targeting.
You will undertake the first two activities on your own. We will conduct user research as a group,
pooling our efforts.
The following table summarizes each learning area, your goals for conducting research, and how
this information will contribute to the overall project.
Learning area
Subject area
Source library
Research goals
 Define the topic in
general (e.g.,
 Determine your
perspective on the
topic and ensure that
your opinion is
sufficiently nuanced
and informed (e.g.,
that local governance
forms a key element
of sustainability
initiatives, and longterm thinking requires
local involvement).
 Explore the diversity
of perspectives on the
topic and determine
how yours fits in.
 Absorb terminology
use amongst different
stakeholder groups.
 Determine range of
topics, perspectives,
and styles.
 Explore the qualities
of this type of media
and which attributes
might forward your
goals for description
and access.
INF 385 U, Digital Media Collections
Use of information
 Drive the rhetorical
and experience
strategy: how
resources are selected,
described, and
Guide resource
selection for the
Clarify need for
additional subject
Identify potential
characteristics and
other document
aspects to highlight in
collection interface.
Spring 2010
Learning area
User research
Research goals
 Understand initial
views on the subject.
 Determine initial
information needs for
the subject and media.
Use of information
 Provide basis for
audience strategy:
enable persona and
scenario description.
 Refine the rhetorical
and experience
strategy: how
resources are selected,
described, and
accessed. What gaps
need to be crossed, for
For next week, February 4: obtain information on at least two potential audience members, using
attached research template. Bring hard copies of data to class; I will copy and distribute to
everyone, so that we all have a pool of data to work with.
INF 385 U, Digital Media Collections
Spring 2010