Electromagnetics 2 1st exam

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Higher Education
Majmaah University
College of Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering
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First Exam
EE 234
Course Title: Electromagnetics II
Dr Yazeed Qasaymeh
Exam date:
10 November 2014
03:00 pm
05:00 pm
2D 021, 2D -22
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20 points
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 Read the questions carefully and several times. Writing clearly will make
it possible to assess your answers correctly.
 Any form of cheating, intention to cheating, or disruption of the exam will
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 Carrying or using the mobile phone during the exam is not allowed. Using
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 The calculator is only permitted by the exam supervisor.
 No student can leave the exam room during the first half hour of the
exam. Any student coming after the first half hour of the exam will not be
permitted to enter the exam.
 A student leaving the exam, even for legitimate reasons, may not be given
a makeup exam.
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Dear student, we encourage you to answer the exam the best you can and we
wish you all success.
Q1) A conducting bar can slide freely over two conducting rails
as shown in Figure shown. Calculate the induced voltage in the
bar. (6pts)
the bar is stationed at y  8 cm and
B  4cos(106 t ) az mWb / m 2 (2pts)
If the bar slides at a velocity u  20ay m / s and
B  4 az mWb / m 2 (2pts)
(c)If the bar slides at a velocity u  20ay m / s and
B  4cos(106 t  y ) az mWb / m 2 . Use the third case of
Faraday law (2pts)
Q2) The electric field and magnetic field in free space are given
by (5pts)
E 
H 
cos(106 t   z ) a V / m
cos(106 t   z ) a A / m
(a) Express these in phasor form (2pts)
(b) Determine the constants H o and  such that the fields
satisfy Maxwell's equations. Use time harmonic
Maxwell equations.(3pts)
Q3) If P  2sin(10t  x   / 4) a y and Q  e jx (ax  az )sin( y )
determine the phasor form of P and the instantaneous form
ofQ . (4pts)
Q4) A parallel-plate capacitor with plate area of 5 cm 2 and plate
separation of 3 mm has a voltage 50sin(103t ) V applied to its
plates. Calculate the displacement current assuming
  2 0 (5pts)