Mexican War DBQ Criteria and Rubric


Mexican War: (DBQ) Project

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You are to select one of the following products to display your response to the Big Picture Question. If you have another idea, please have it approved by me. If you have any questions, please ask!!! You will have a couple of days to work on this project in class, however, you will have to finish it at home. It is due on


Product Ideas:






Magazine article



Power point

Web page

DBQ Rubric

Was the United States justified in going to war with Mexico?

_______/ 30 Took a position on the reason the U.S. was or was not justified and it is conveyed in your product

_______/ 30 (10 points per reason or topic) The three reasons ( ) are addressed and provide support for your position

_______/ 5 Included an appropriate title

_______/ 10 Neat – creative, visually appealing, and colorful

_______/ 25 Used class-time efficiently to analyze the documents and complete the handouts

_______/100 Grade

I am aware of the criteria and rubric for this project. I understand that this project will count for a large portion of my/child’s six weeks average and failure to turn it in on time or not at all could have serious repercussions on my/child’s grade in this class.


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