Mission Rules Stations

Spanish Mission Rules
Ye are in the house of the Roman Catholic Church, the
religion of your new Spanish king. As an Indian, thou
has been subjected to a permanent stay in the mission
to understand the ways of the Catholic Church.
 As part of being Christian, ye must abide by some
simple rules or thou shalt be sentenced to hard
 Ye must maintain a vow of silence at all times out
of respect to the Lord in which you now worship.
(5 points off if disobeyed)
 Ye shall not touch thy neighbor in any way in
order to remain faithful to your new king, the
king of Spain. (5 points off if disobeyed)
 When walking through the House of the Lord,
thou shalt walk in a slow and respectful manner.
(5 points off if disobeyed)
 Any rule thus broken will sentence thee to a stay
in Sheriff Fletcher’s dungeon.
Station 1
 You are a Native American trying
to learn the Spanish language.
 Copy the words off the overhead
several times on the paper in
front of you.
 Maintain total silence at this
Spanish Translation
Station 2
 Lie on one
your eyes,
(only about
then switch
of the “beds”, close
and sleep or rest
5 people at a time,
after 2 min.).
 While you are waiting for your
turn to “rest”, you may write on
your mission Life Completion card
for this station.
 Maintain
The Dormitory
Station 3
 Your main job is to plant and
cultivate crops.
 Pick the crops (beans) and place
them in the bucket.
 You will have time to write on
your Mission Life Completion card
 Maintain total silence at this
Station 4
 In the workhouse, Native
Americans created pottery,
tools, art, clothing, etc.
 Using the paper given at your
table, draw one or more of these
 Maintain total silence at this
The Workhouse
Station 5
 Pretend you are a Native
American in the Chapel. Sit and
listen to the Gregorian chant.
 Native Americans spent several
hours a day in the chapel.
 As you listen, think about why
the Spanish priests wanted the
Native Americans to convert to
their religion.
 Maintain total silence at this
The Chapel