Pretend you are each of the following people living at or near a Spanish mission in Texas.
Describe your typical day in Texas and how you feel about the Spanish government’s idea
about the closing of the Mission you live near.
Read the text pages listed below for each person. Make notes about how each person would
spend his/her day. Also, note how each one would feel about the closing of your mission. Tell why
that person would feel that way. You may also use the material in your missions packet.
1. Friar (read pages 130 – 131)
2. Native American (130 –131)
3. Spanish Soldier (132)
Pretend you are one of the 3 people listed above. Write a paragraph persuading the Spanish
officials to keep your mission open. You should tell about the important work that you do every
day; how that work is important to the Spanish government; what terrible things would happen
should the mission be closed.
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