Know Your Facts!

WOW Game Title: Know Your Facts!
CATCH Game: Dragon Tails
Content Area: Math
TEKS Focus: Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers
Division Number Sense
Dividing by 1-Digit Devisors
Physical Education Unit: Locomotor, Physical Fitness
Grade: 4
Resource: Paula Bowen
Equipment/Materials: Blacktop or field, Clothespins with student generated
multiplication and division number sentences up to 12 (written on the clothespin)
Set Up: This activity is a tag game. Students are in scattered formation. All students
have a clothespin pinned on the middle of their back. Extra clothespins are in a basket
with the teacher.
This is a “walk only” game. On the teacher’s signal, students attempt to take clothespins
from other students. As clothespins are taken, the “taker” hands the clothespin to the
student it was taken from. That student takes it to the teacher and answers the equation
(Multiplication/Division) on the clothespin. If answered correctly, the teacher keeps the
clothespin and switches it with one of the extras. The student may then gain reentry to
the game. If answered incorrectly, the student runs the perimeter of the playing area and
returns to the teacher to answer the equation. Play continues until time is called.
 Clothespins could contain fractions and equivalent fractions
Review Questions:
Skill focus: Does walking raise your heart rate?
Academic focus: What is 12 × 12? What is 12 ÷ 2?