Fraction Concepts to call out, music (optional). WOW Game Title:

WOW Game Title: Mingle, Mingle
Content Area: Math
TEKS focus: Addition/Subtraction Number Sense
Fraction Concepts
Physical Education Unit: Cardiovascular, Traveling, Spatial awareness, Cooperation
Grade: 4
Resource: CATCH Activity Box 3-5
Equipment/Materials: Designated activity area, list of review questions for the teacher
to call out, music (optional).
Set Up: Students are scattered in a designated activity area.
1. Call out “Mingle Mingle” (or start the music) and a locomotor movement (walk,
jog, slide, hop). Students begin traveling randomly throughout the activity area.
2. Signal or stop music and call out an equation such as 2x3 (see Variations),
encourage students to group quickly.
3. Students find the solution and then form a group of the size of the number called,
join together, and travel around the perimeter of the activity area continuing to use
the designated locomotor movement – jogging, galloping, sliding, skipping.
4. Instruct students without a group to raise their hands and go to the center to find
others to join with.
5. Once the previous question has been answered, a new locomotor is assigned.
Students begin moving around the activity area.
6. Repeat #’s 1-5 for continuous activity.
 Create a more difficult list of questions.
 Shorten the time students have to answer questions.
 The teacher can call group numbers in a certain pattern and then have the students
try to figure out the pattern or what number the teacher is calling next. Ex. T.
calls out 3x2, then 4x2, and finally 5x2, and then says “what number comes next?
Can someone give me an equation to get to that sum?”
 Have students use money by giving this problem: $1.50 + $1.50 and students
would need to form groups of 3.
 Fractions can be discussed when dividing students into groups from the whole.
Ex. if there were 20 students in the class T can use fractions by using: 4/20ths,
students form groups of 5.
 Activity can also be played with math flash cards.
Review Questions:
Skill focus: What is the definition of cooperation?
Academic focus: Listen to the following equations and give me the pattern.
What would come next? 3x6, 3x7, 3x8…