Counting Money to call out, music (optional). WOW Game Title:

WOW Game Title: Mingle, Mingle
Content Area: Math
TEKS focus: Addition Strategies
Counting Money
Physical Education Unit: Cardiovascular, Traveling, Spatial awareness, Cooperation
Grade: 2
Resource: CATCH Activity Box 3-5
Equipment/Materials: Designated activity area, list of review questions for the teacher
to call out, music (optional).
Set Up: Students are scattered in a designated activity area.
1. Call out “Mingle Mingle” (or start the music) and a locomotor movement (walk,
jog, slide, hop). Students begin traveling randomly throughout the activity area.
2. Signal or stop music and call out an equation such as 3+3 (see Variations),
encourage students to group quickly.
3. Students find the solution and then form a group of the size of the number called,
join together, and travel around the perimeter of the activity area continuing to use
the designated locomotor movement - jogging, galloping, sliding, skipping.
4. Instruct students without a group to raise their hands and go to the center to find
others to join with.
5. Once the previous question has been answered, a new locomotor is assigned.
Students begin moving around the activity area.
6. Repeat #’s 1-5 for continuous activity.
 Create a more difficult list of questions.
 Shorten the time students have to answer questions.
 The teacher can call group numbers in a certain pattern and then have the students
try to figure out the pattern or what number the teacher is calling next. Ex. T.
calls out 1+1, then 2+2, and finally 4+2, and then says “what number sentence
comes next? Can someone give me an equation to get to that sum?”
 Fractions can be discussed when dividing students into groups from the whole.
 Activity can also be played with math flash cards.
 Assign the students to be dollars, quarters, or dimes and the teacher calls out a
certain dollar amount. Students then form groups in that dollar amount.
Review Questions:
Skill focus: What is the definition of cooperation?
Academic focus: Listen to the following equations and give me the pattern. 1+0,
2+1, 4+1, 3+4, 6+3 …