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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Higher Education
Majmaah University
College of Education – Zulfi
English Department
Course: Linguistics
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Question 1: Analyze the following sentences morphologically.
1. Finally, the old hotel at the end of the street is going to be knocked down to make way for a
new supermarket.
2. Before giving a test the teacher should make sure that the students are well-prepared.
3. A tree fell onto the school roof in a storm, but none of the students was injured, although
many of them were in classrooms at the top of the building.
4. Because the road was icy and the driver was going too fast, he was unable to brake in time
when a fox ran into the road in front of him.
5. Writing that contains mostly short, simple sentences can be uninteresting or even irritating to
read. Writing that consists of mostly long, complex sentences is usually difficult to read.
Good writers, therefore, use a variety of sentence types.
Mr. Sami Za’areer