TUG Fall Senior Meeting PowerPoint

Eight to Graduate
Fall Senior Information Meeting
Your magic number is eight:
• Eight (8!) months until May 14
• Eight Key Tasks
• Eight Important Dates to Remember
You’re a senior . . .
What possibly can go wrong?
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Seniors don’t fail courses, right?
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Gee, I think I’ll drop my upper division Philosophy class–
Cartoon History 101 sounds easier.
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123 credits, 124 credits:
Who’s counting?
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If you pretend math
doesn’t exist, the
requirement will go
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What do you mean
I had to apply to
I’ve been here four
Everyone knows I’m
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Endings and Beginnings
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Endings and Beginnings:
I came to Cal Lutheran looking for an
education that would lead to a job.
I am leaving Cal Lutheran having discovered
a way of life.
Daniel H. Liles
Before you tell your life what you intend to do
with it, listen for what it intends to do with you.
Before you tell your life what truths and values
you have decided to live up to, let your life tell
you what truths you embody, what values you
represent. Let the highest truths and values
guide everything you do.
Parker Palmer
• Make the connections:
– Team Projects are challenging—but part of life!
Get ready to tell interviewers how you managed
team projects.
– Writing and speaking opportunities are priceless
preparation for that “good job” down the road.
– Use electives to improve the “toolkit” of
knowledge and skills that will serve you well later.
– Decent grades are good. Explaining what you
learned and what you can do with it is better.
• Welcome academic challenges: Get in the habit of
over-delivering now, BEFORE you get into the job
• Continue to get to know your professors—they may
write references later.
• Enjoy the year—but remember that your academic
performance is as important in May as in September.
Begin smart.
Purpose takes Planning.
• Think about your post-graduation options
– Working for a for-profit company
– Working for a non-profit organization
– Starting your own business
– Volunteering for a non-profit – in the U.S., or
– Or some combination!
Begin smart.
• Prepare for interviews:
– Own your education. Interviewers will want to
know what you learned, what you can do, what
you learned from success and failure, what you
did out of class as well as in.
– Visit career services: Prepare a resume; find out
about resources available to you. Reflect on your
interests and skills.
• Plan for graduate or professional schools.
– Research the schools to which you want to apply.
– Register for the GREs, MCATs, LSATs, etc.
– Line up your letters of recommendation early. A
last-minute letter will sound like a last-minute
– Good grades are important—but your statement
of purpose is what will distinguish you.
• Anticipate Plan B, or C, or D: as often as not, it
turns out the be the A-Plan after all.
• Don’t look (too much) past the present: what
happens in Spring semester is as important as
what has happened until then.
• Enjoy your year—but don’t lose momentum!
Senior Registration
• Students who apply by Oct 1st deadline will be able to
register for Spring 16 Semester during Senior Audit
meeting with Evaluator
– Graduation fee is $75 through Oct 1st. Fee is $100 after
that date
• Degree Completion Agreement generated
– Will document all remaining requirements and any
outstanding paperwork/action needed
– Have your advising meeting with your Faculty Advisor,
review agreement and Spring classes
– Make adjustments and complete any needed paperwork
– Return by November 30 to remain registered.
Commencement Eligibility and Tickets
• Students who return and follow Degree
Completion Agreement(DCA) are all eligible to
attend Commencement.
• January 25th - Those who submitted their DCA by
November 30th can claim their tickets
• February 1st – Commencement & Baccalaureate
Tickets available for seniors to claim online
Eight key tasks
Apply to graduate
Attend Senior Audit and register for Spring
Meet with Faculty Advisor
Return completed DCA form by Nov 30
Pass your classes; check before making changes to
your schedule.
6. Plan beyond graduation – the day after the diploma
7. Your senior year should be fun, but do not check out
8. Claim your commencement tickets
Eight Key Deadlines
October 1 – Apply for degree
October – Senior audit with evaluator, preliminary Spring
Registration. Advising meeting with faculty advisor
November 30 – Submit signed Degree Completion Agreement due
to avoid being dropped from Spring 16 classes
February 1 – Commencement and Baccalaureate Ticket
registration opens
March 15 – Deadline for all paperwork/changes
April 1 – Deadline to take credit by exam and all unclaimed
commencement tickets go to general pool
April 15 – Commencement and Baccalaureate Ticket appeal
April 26 – Senior commencement meeting
At Least 8 Resources to Remember
Faculty Advisor
Evaluator in the Registrar’s Office
Career Services
Alumni Relations
Counseling Services
Senior Pride
Commencement Web Site