Group Members:
Erin Dobbs, Blaine Skrainka, Suzy
Kiska, Kyle Stamper, Nick Worth
What is the Focus?
Fast Company sets the agenda, charting
the evolution of business through a unique
focus on the most creative individuals
sparking change in the marketplace.
Who is the Intended Audience?
Fast Company empowers
innovators to challenge
convention and create the
future of business.
The new breed of leaders
Hot New Technologies
New Blackberry app, “Scale”
Designed to chart the type and frequency of the
salesperson’s commercial interactions (text, email, or
phone call)
A “heat map” is used to document the percentage of
each interaction.
Red= few, Yellow=Some, Green=Many
Can be used for up to 20,000 contacts
Can be used to replace old excel files or Outlook to
figure out why one client is more receptive than the
other or determine what communication method is
Hot New Technologies
How Management can utilize “Scale”
This app can be put on Blackberrys and
document each salesperson’s type of
communication with specific clients and
document the success rate of making sales.
Adjustments can be made if it is found that
certain clients respond better to a different
type of communication than what has
previously been used.
Hot New Technologies
Intel’s Touch Screen Digital Ad Display
7-foot-6-inch multi-touch dual screen that
will be placed in retail store settings.
Allows customers to search for currently
stocked products, specific colors, sizes,
promotions, coupons, previous customers’
product reviews and feedback, past
purchasing histories, etc.
Once a product of interest is selected by
the consumer, a map of the store and
directions to the location of the specific
item within the store is provided on the
screen to allow the customer to find the
item in a timely manner.
There is a camera that scans the person
using the digital screen. This camera
determines the gender, size, and shape of
the person using the display along with the
time of day it is being used by this specific
Multiple consumers can use the screen
Hot New Technologies
Benefit of Intel’s Touch Screen
Digital Ad display to Customer’s
Provides customers with a “current
inventory count” of their item of
interest. This will save time from
searching stores for specific sizes
and colors.
Map of the store with directions to
items prevents misdirection within a
store and saves the consumer time.
Previous customer reviews can be
used to determine if a product is
worth the purchase.
Coupons and promotions leads to
customer savings
Hot New Technologies
How can management utilize Intel’s Touch
Screen Digital Ad display
Great tool to determine what products
customers in a certain demographic are
looking for and purchasing
Allows customers to provide store/product
reviews and feedback which can be used by
the company to improve service.
Important Issues for
Business Managers
•Technology in China and other Emerging Markets
Should information providers such as Google and
Microsoft participate in online censorship by the
Chinese government?
Technology and the internet is becoming cheaper
and more easily accessible to people around the
globe creating new and expanding markets outside
of traditionally developed countries.
Important Issues for
Business Managers
• Innovation
Firms can increase efficiency using
technologies such as email, video chat, and
ERP systems to connect to colleagues,
business partners, and customers.
Collaborative websites combine email and live
chat, allowing workers to simultaneously
discuss and edit files in real time.
Important Issues for
Business Managers
• Green Technology
How can managers and firms be leaders in
alternative energy and green technology?
Managers must weigh the costs and benefits of
“Going Green”, striving to maximize shareholder
value while being socially and environmentally
Issues with Information Systems
Deactivating accounts (Seppukoo, Web 2.0
Suicide Machine).
Not having a “dislike” button
Google Toolbar
Monitors all searches even if turned “off.”
Fake personalities spam discussions