Quiz 1 PHY 103


Quiz 1 PHY 103

(1) A sinusoidal wave is described by: y = (0.25 m) sin(0.3x – 40t) , where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. Determine for this wave the (a) amplitude, (b) angular frequency,(c) angular wave number, (d) wavelength, and (e) wave speed.

(2) Standing at a crosswalk, you hear a frequency of 560 Hz from the siren of an approaching ambulance. After the ambulance passes, the observed frequency of the siren is 480 Hz. Determine the ambulance’s speed from these observations

(speed of sound in air is 343 m/s) .

3) A sinusoidal wave of wavelength 2m and amplitude 0.1 m travels on a string with a speed of 1 m/s to the right. Initially, the left end of the string is at the origin. Find (a) the frequency and angular frequency, (b) the angular wave number, and (c) the wave function for this wave. Determine the equation of motion for (d) the left end of the string and (e) the point on the string at x = 1.50 m to the right of the left end. (f) What is the maximum speed of any point on the string?