– Great Lakes History JEOPARDY its ports, and ships!

JEOPARDY – Great Lakes History
Test your knowledge of the history of the Great Lakes,
its ports, and ships!
Created by Laura Jacobs (2003) [email protected]
[Image: map of Great Lakes: http://mbgnet.mobot.org/fresh/ lakes/space.htm ]
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This Ship Wrecked off Duluth in 1905
What is the Mataafa?
Mataafa was not the first or last
wreck of the November 27, 1905
storm. It was very dramatic,
because it occurred in full view of
the citizens of Duluth. Night fell
before a rescue could be attempted,
and nine men froze or were
drowned during the night. The Great
Lakes Maritime History Project has
many pictures captured by
photographer, Hugh McKenzie.
This Foreign Ship Grounded off
Park Point in 1985
What is the Socrates?
The Socrates dragged anchor
during a November gale. Before
she could get her engines fired
up, she was on the beach.
Fortunately, the bottom is sand.
She became a major tourist
attraction for over a week. It took
23 tugs to eventually pull her free.
The Socrates still visits the Twin
Ports under a different name.
[Image: Bentley, M. & Horstmeyer, S. (1998). WeatherWise 51
(6): 29+. Retrieved Nov. 5, 2003 from Academic Search
Elite database].
This Passenger Ship “Turtled” at its
Dock on the Chicago River
What is the Eastland?
The Eastland tragedy was
extreme, and a clear
conclusion explaining the
accident was never
reached. The passengers
were all employees of
Western Electric Co.,
along their families, out
for a company picnic. 812
people drowned.
[Image: “Eastland:” Postcard, LSM Collection,
This Port Was the Primary Location
for the Construction of Whalebacks
What is Superior?
Whalebacks were built by
Alexander McDougal
and the American Steel
Barge Co. Most were
used for transporting
goods, but one, the
Christopher Columbus,
also carried people.
Only one Whaleback
remains in existence.
[Image: LSM Collection, UWS]
This Wisconsin Port Constructed
Submarines During W.W. II
What is Manitowoc?
During W.W. II,
Manitowoc built many
submarines for the
war effort. Other
ports, like Duluth and
Superior, were also
big contributors to
Naval vessel
[Image: “Manitowoc”: Postcard, LSM Collection,
This Canadian Port Was the First
Capitol of Upper & Lower Canada
What is Kingston, Ontario?
The port of Kingston is
located at the far Eastern
end of the Great Lakes at
the entrance to the St.
Lawrence River. The
capital was moved in the
1840’s partly as a result
of the threat of invasion
by the U.S. during the
War of 1812.
[Image: http://www.hauntedhamilton.com/
This Lake is Known as “The Witch
of November”
What is Lake Superior?
Lake Superior was given this
name because of the
speed with which storms
sweep across the lake, and
because ships and people
'magically' disappear, never
to be seen again. The lake
can also be beguilingly
beautiful, even at its most
[Image: www.whitehousemotel.com/ AUTUMN.htm ]
This Lake saw Commodore Perry’s
Decisive Naval Battle in the War of
What is Lake Erie?
Commodore Perry met the
British fleet led by the
HMS Detroit near Put-InBay. His flag ship,
Niagara, was shot out
from under him. He
rowed to another ship
and continued the battle.
The British surrendered
after most of their officers
were killed.
[Image: notecard, Brig Niagara. Duluth Shipping News]
This Lake Saw Massive Loss of
Ships and Lives in a Single Storm in
What is Lake Huron?
In 1913 a massive storm
swept down the Great
Lakes. More than 13
vessels are known to
have sunk -- or
disappeared -- on Lake
Huron alone.
[Image: Waterspouts over Lake Huron,
Autumn 1999]