Getting Started on Your Web Site: FINALLY!

Getting Started on Your Web Site:
UMSL November 15-16, 2009
Joe Naumann – Adjunct Assoc. Prof. – Geography
Paul Wilmarth – Technical Trainer – FRC
Your Workshop Hosts!
• Paul Wilmarth (left), who is a technical trainer
in the Faculty Resource Center and enables and
encourages faculty members to use technology
in their teaching. Joe Naumann (right), who has
been using a web site with his geography classes
for several years.
The Teaching
• Create educational content for multiple delivery
– Technologically enhanced face-to-face lecturediscussion
– Blended face-to-face and online
– Totally online classes
• Materials and assistance all online
• Live online classroom plus materials and assistance online
– Wimba Classroom, Wikis, Podcasts, Blogs, etc.
• A Web page (site) can supplement and enhance in
all these situations.
What about a web site?
• Why haven’t more faculty members made use
of personal and/or course-related web sites?
– Unaware of what is available?
• Attend conferences & talk with colleagues
– Feeling of being overwhelmed by the unfamiliar?
• Talk to IT people (at UMSL, the Faculty Resource
– Unsure of how to start?
• Add technology one step at a time
Paul and Joe’s Goal for
you today!
• Learn the basics
– Where and what one uploads to a web host
– Where the components go and how to organize
– How to use the KompoZer web page editor
• Create a home page and link at least one other page to it
• Possibly download a page or site template
• Insert web links, document links, graphics, and text
• Leave the workshop with a simple working web
site stored on a flash drive.
Why use a web page?
• Students become more responsible for their
own education.
– You won’t have to lug syllabi, handouts etc. to class
and carry the leftovers back to the office.
– You can make basic and supplementary materials
easily available to those who choose to use them.
Design Focus
A web site that enhances your
course delivery
appropriate content
Designing Or
Clear and engaging
Instructional Design principles
Establish a Web Page
• Store your materials on the Web Page
– Use it as a warehouse for materials
• Link the web page to BlackBoard
• Easier to edit web page than it is to keep
reprogramming BlackBoard
• Demonstrate KompoZer
Why link to a web page?
• Storing documents on the web page
server greatly reduces set-up time from
semester to semester.
• It frees up the class management server
(BlackBoard, etc. so it runs faster.
• Making changes is much simpler
– KompoZer web page editor
• Students who enroll late can access
materials before they are in BlackBoard.
A Visit to Joe Naumann,
• Take a short tour with Joe.
– Take a look at the public_html folder
– Go to the Web Page Design Helps Page.
Create a Page With Paul
Create a Public_html folder
Open KompoZer and create your index page
Create a 3 X 3 table
Create a page header
Add content
– Picture, text, web links, page links, document links
– Create a second page and link it to the index page
• Talk about uploading your public_html folder.
Complete your pages
• Paul and Joe will be around to assist you.
• ABOVE ALL!!!!! – relax and have fun this will
probably be much easier than you thought it
would be.
Useful URLs (UMSL & Beyond)
• Faculty Resource Center
• Instructional Technology Services Home Page
• Downloadable Software
• Training opportunities
• If you aren’t from UMSL, check to see what is
available at your institution.
Thank you for your attention.
• If we can help . . . . . . .
– Joe Naumann
One University Boulevard
Economics/Geography 408 SSB
St. Louis, MO 63121
Paul Wilmarth
One University Boulevard
Faculty Resource Center – 450 CCB
St. Louis, MO 63121
• 314-516-4147
• [email protected]
[email protected]