Political Science Department Meeting Minutes Friday, May 3, 2013

Political Science Department Meeting Minutes
Friday, May 3, 2013
2:00 p.m. Laurentide 5025
Present: Adogamhe, Chapp, Emrey, Ghavamshahidi, Gimbel, Heatwole, Johnson, Lollar,
Wagner; Absent: Anderson, Gottlick, Hamilton
Meeting begins: 2:05 p. m.
1. Approval of Minutes of Friday, March 15, 2013 meeting
Ghavamshahidi motion, second Lollar; approved by faculty
2. Announcements
Johnson thanks for Kyle Lecture turnout, reminds of Dean Pinkerton’s upcoming
retirement reception on 5/14. Staffing proposal for new post on public policy will go
forward with request to Dean, end of May.
Ghavamshahidi notes only two students thus far enrolled in PAX 448, cross-listing with
political science brought up; reminds faculty members of Peace Studies conference in
Spring 2014.
Emrey reports on Curriculum Committee: students can count Math/Stats, Soc/Stats will
also be available for fulfillment of requirements for BS degree; Emrey announces that J.
Cook and herself received grant for critical thinking workshop during the summer, more
information will be forthcoming.
3. New Business
A. Appointment to L&S Curriculum Committee
Ghavamshahidi nominates Gimbel; Gimbel accepts; faculty approves; Johnson will
forward name to committee.
B. Digital Measures/Annual Report information gathering
Johnson explains what it is all about and urges faculty members to do it for academic
year 2012/13 by May 20 for her to use it for the Department’s annual report. Johnson
notes that the new electronic way to report absences/sick leave will be used beginning
this month.
C. Merit
Johnson reminds faculty of the recent memo by Chancellor. Johnson explains how the
merit pay used to work in the past. Discussion follows about how to do merit review.
Faculty agrees to use process that was used in the past and review that process again once
merit pay situation significantly changes.
D. Review of 2012-13 goals/2013-14 goal-setting
Johnson distributes copies of “unit goals for 2012-2013.” Faculty discussed progress
toward meeting each goal. Faculty also determined its goals for the 2013-2014 year.
 Pursue Quality Matters certification for online courses (carryover from 2012-13)
Create new courses in Political Theory, Human Rights and Wisconsin Politics
Develop a tool to assess academic advising
Complete a departmental curricular review aimed at designating content
expectations for courses at different levels and reviewing course prerequisites
Fully implement department assessment plan
Offer the China travel study course on an annual basis
Develop a travel study course that focuses on European legislatures (carryover
from 2012-13)
Continue to serve as a resource for the campus and community on public affairs
and engage in other activities that raise our profile in the region (carryover from
4. Adjournment
Adogamhe motion, Chapp second; meeting adjourned: 3:18 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
F. Peter Wagner
(channeling Anderson)